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Grayscale Model Maker in 3D Slicer

Dr. Mike

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You first need to create a surface object from your volumetric CT scan data. You can do this in Slicer using the "Make Model Effect" tool. A tutorial on how to do this is linked below. Alternatively, you can save your CT scan as an NRRD file (I can see that option in the picture you shared) and automatically process it using the free democratiz3D service. A link to a tutorial on that is also below. Hope this helps.



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3 hours ago, Meredith X said:

Excuse me Professor. What if I want to do some segmentation first before make a Grayscale Model, such as I generate a skull model and use the segment editor tools to remove the vertebra, then how can I create a grayscale model of my segment skull?


If you use Segment Editor to segment your skull then you don't need the Grayscale Model Maker--it's just another module in 3D Slicer for generating 3D models.

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