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embodi3D April 2016 Newsletter



Welcome to the first embodi3D.com newsletter.com! We will communicate upcoming events, new site features, noteworthy content and provide industry updates through this newsletter.


Embodi3d.com is a place for sharing, learning and growing as biomedical 3D printing enthusiasts. Tutorials, blog articles, forum posts and file sharing are just some of the ways we are building a medical 3D printing community.


screen shot 1

Introducing the embodi3D.com Marketplace

For well over a year now we have offered a File Vault filled with free files. Members have contributed many of these files and now we want to give members the opportunity to sell files as well. We are launching a marketplace where you can buy and sell files related to biomedical 3D printing. The File Vault is now called the Marketplace. Members can choose whether the files they upload are available for free or set a sales price. Feel free to price your files as you deem appropriate. We know a lot of work goes into making the files! Read this article for selling files and watch this video tutorial for buying files. This is a beta release and we encourage you to reply to this email with feedback.


We have updated our Terms of Use to reflect the new features offered through the marketplace. Please review the new Terms of Use on embodi3D.com. Your continued use of the site constitutes agreement with these terms.


vascular model

The Most Advanced Vascular Training Models

Embodi3D has created a line of super-accurate 3D printed vascular models for physician and medical professional advanced training. Created by a board-certified physician who performs vascular procedures daily, these models were created for maximum procedural realism while being more practical and less expensive than conventional animal labs or silicone tube models. Physician specialists who utilize these models include vascular surgeons, cardiologists, and radiologists.


Dr. Mike will be at the Society of Interventional Radiology meeting beginning tomorrow in Vancouver. He will demonstrate the use of these models in a variety of endovascular procedures.

screen shot 2

Participate in the embodi3D.com Community

We invite you to participate in the embodi3d.com community. Did you know members are eligible to write blog articles? In addition to uploading files and posting in our forums, members can publish articles on our blog. If you are interested in blogging, simply reply to this email.

Thanks for reading and let us know if there are any topics you would like us to cover in future newsletters.


Wishing You Much Success!
The Embodi3D Team


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