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  1. You're welcome! You might message them and see if they have a scan of the bottom--they have so many animal CTs!
  2. I just checked Morphosource and didn't find one there but maybe you can find something close. I found this on Sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/MBYE.
  3. @Daniel Hanover If you just want to "paint" your 3D mesh, you do not have to convert it to a segmentation unless you want to segment other parts out. You can use Meshlab to assign a color per vertex and even paint parts with the paintbrush tool then export as PLY with color.
  4. You can try the ImageStacks module of 3D Slicer-it allows you to import non-DICOM images. Tutorial does list bmp as an acceptable format.
  5. There is a knee atlas available at OpenAnatomy.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Skull of TCGA-IQ-A61E of the TCGA-HNSC collection of the Cancer Imaging Archive. Vertebrae removed for access to landmarks on the foramen magnum. Model generated with Mimics for NIJ 2014-DN-BX-K005. 3D viewer available at Sketchfab. PLY with beige per vertex color here.


  7. If you are using 3D Slicer, you can segment as usual then use the Scissors tool tool to draw a box around the tooth you want. Use the Erase tool to remove parts around the tooth that you don't want.
  8. What did you use to convert the CBCT to STL and how does the model look when you import it into Chitubox?
  9. You can go to Analysis--> Inspector and it will drop pins indicating the holes and you can click them to fill in. Since your edges are highlighted blue, Meshmixer knows those edges outline holes.
  10. I will be presenting a workshop titled "Meshlab for Virtual Osteology" at the upcoming online Virtual Osteology Conference, May 24-28, 2021: https://sites.google.com/view/bioanttalks/call-for-papers. Abstract submission for presentations is open now until March 31, 2021. Terrie
  11. I don't have any advice on pricing, but thank you for sharing your work and the creators3d site!
  12. I think vtk.js or 3DHOP would work well. 3DHOP has measurement, transparency, and clipping and works well with CT and microCT models. I have generated static pages with 3DHOP, but I think for a site like this you would need a "viewer" page that models get directed to or generated when someone wants to see it in 3D. Sketchfab can also be used since you only need to view one model at a time and it supports public or private models, you can set whether models are downloadable or just viewable, but generating a custom viewer with more features for your own site requires a Premium or above account.
  13. It was good. The live discourse on Wednesday was fun. Tuesday was mostly presentation of new features, Slicer citations and number of users/posts in the discourse. Thursday was web applications--they mentioned vtk.js and the gltf export Wed when I brought up Sketchfab and there was a presentation on it yesterday so that was helpful. Now I need to learn vtk.js!
  14. Maybe this: https://github.com/sketchfab/ckeditor-plugin/tree/master/examples/ipb-3.2.0
  15. bbcode [sketchfab]357ea8b45d854b0eaf138c60081370e8[/sketchfab] Left and Right Os Coxae: Visible Human Female by Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt on Sketchfab
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