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  • Welcome to embodi3D Downloads! This is the largest and fastest growing library of 3D printable medical models generated from real medical scans on the Internet. A unique scientific resource, most of the material is free. Registered members can download, upload, and sell models. To convert your own medical scans to a 3D model, take a look at democratiz3D, our free and automated conversion service.


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3D printable vein models

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    • By embodi3d · Posted
      This stackable heart with short-axis slices was 3D printed for a customer with strong red plastic. We printed and shipped directly to him. The print turned out great!  The stackable slices really allow the internal anatomy of the heart to be seen: atria, ventricles, papillary muscles, etc.  We can 3D print for you too! Just click the 3D Print button on the top of this page. To learn more about embodi3D's specialized medical 3D printing services, click here.  
    • By embodi3d · Posted
      Great model and print turned out great! This dual material craniofacial model was 3D printed for a customer. The print uses detailed white to represent the bones and detailed clear polished to represent the skin surface.  To learn more about embodi3D's specialized medical 3D printing services, click here.  
    • By Florida Jim · Posted
      Fantastic file.  I was able to load it in to Mesh Mixer, separate it in to faces and select each vertebrae one by one for printing.  As stated in the review preceding this one, there were easy fixes in Mesh Mixer.  This is just clicking on Analyze, inspect and auto fix.  It takes less than 1 minute.   My prints are coming out very nice.  I plan to post them when I am finished.  I very much appreciate the excellent model.
    • By Chris Farrugia, DDS · Posted
      Nice file to print. Clean with few holes in the data.
    • By embodi3d · Posted
      We 3D printed this model for a customer and the print turned out beautifully. The parts stack nicely and by opening them up, you can clearly see the detailed structures inside the heart chambers. To learn more about our 3D printing service, click here.       Here is another print we did in flexible material at 2/3 scale, as requested by the customer. The flexible material has a soft, rubbery feel that is very nice to handle.  
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    • You can also use the EasyClip tool in 3DSlicer: import your CT volume and your 3D model (or even just your 3D model), then you can use the CT slices as planes to indicate where you want to cut--you can still rotate them if needed. You can save the half you want and even "undo" and save the other side (similar to Meshmixer).    Slicer is especially handy if you have landmark coordinates and want to place a cut exactly at a specific coordinate, for example if you have oriented models and nasion is at x = 0--you can type this in to the appropriate slice view (red, yellow, green).
    • For tiffs, I like to open the stack in Fiji and save as NRRD--the NRRD opens much faster in Slicer. You can also set the spacing in Fiji for the NRRD to have the correct dimensions in Slicer.
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    • I've never heard of this. It almost sounds too good to be true. Anybody have experience with this?
    • I think you can use 3D slicer. Here is a forum discussion on the topic.