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  • Welcome to embodi3D Downloads! This is the largest and fastest growing library of 3D printable medical models generated from real medical scans on the Internet. A unique scientific resource, most of the material is free. Registered members can download, upload, and sell models. To convert your own medical scans to a 3D model, take a look at democratiz3D, our free and automated conversion service.


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  • Full size real skull model By GMorein

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    Skull model STL file. The skull model was designed according to high-resolution MRI imaging. The model was designed on a stand as one part for good stability on the table and orientation to presentation.   3D printed models at full scale and 50% scale are available from embodi3D.   skull, head, bone, 3d model, stl, printable, high quality, forntal, temporal, occipital, parietal, maxilla, mandible, orbit, cervical, spine
  • Bovine Arch By valchanov

    This is 3d model of aortic arch with left common carotid artery, which branches from the brachiocephalic trunk (Bovine Arch) and a dilatation of the ascending aorte. I made the model from the Artifix CTA set, Osirix dicom library. It's part of a anatomical series of aortic arch anomalies and it's for clinical anatomy teaching purposes.
  • Fancy skull and vertebrae By valchanov

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    This is 3d model of a skull - my best skull so far. I made it from 0,7mm CT scan. This is the source model for my paranasal sinuses model. Sketchfab link. Thanks for the tutorials, Dr. Mike!   
  • Real Size Left Foot By GMorein

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    Real Size Human Left Foot 
    This is a 3D rendering 3D printable model of human foot from MRI images.  All bones of foot are connected and make it to be "One-Piece" model. Height quality STL file just ready to printing. A model can be used to study anatomy, biology and physiology.
  • Fracture Mandible By skullman

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    Parasymphyseal and subcondylar mandibular Fracure
  • Left Bony Labyrinth By Nicola

    This file is a micro segmentation of bony labyrinth taken from a CT scan. I paid particular attention to the vestibule bone with its 2 windows, the cochlea and the semicircular canals. To exhibit all bony labyrinth I eliminated the middle ear structures, but I kept the hammer, the incus and the facial nerve canal. you can observe the course of the facial nerve canal in its three portions with two knees and with his natural dehiscences.
    I also left in place the internal auditory canal and the internal auditory meatus where are visible the facial cochlear and vestibular nerves openings with the bony eminences that separate them (Bill's Bar, Crista falciformis).
    You can open the file with any program for managing files .stl and navigate in three dimensions between or within the bony structures (I do with the program called Preview in Mac) to facilitate the study of these complex structures. I added screenshots which shows the most important structures.
    The file is already ready to be printed and does not need cleaning.
    The dimensions are X: 21.3 mm, Y: 16.4 mm, Z: 16.4 mm (2x1.6x1.6 cm).
    You can easily increase the size if you want to print a solid model of the inner ear   P.S. I spent many hours to this work and would like to have your opinions and suggestions on where to improve. I provide for those who want the file at different stages of processing   Nicola Di Giuseppe
  • 3D Printable Human Heart model (Improved) with stackable slices, STL format By Dr. Mike

    This 3D printable model of a human heart was generated from a contrast enhanced CT scan.  This model is an improvement over a prior version (here). It shows the heart with slices cut in the anatomical transverse plane. If you are interested in a heart with short-axis slices, check out my short-axis stackable slice model here.

    Notches have been added to ensure the slices fit together and do not slide against each other. The model demonstrates the detailed anatomy of the human heart in exquisite detail. Each slice stacks on top of the prior slice to form a complete human heart. Individual slices show the detailed cardiac anatomy of the right and left ventricles, and right and left atria, and outflow tracts. Perfect for educational purposes. It has been validated as printable on an Ultimaker 3 Extended printer.       Technical parameters: manifold STL (watertight) vertices: 462576 triangles: 925800 dimensions: 15.1 x 15.2 x 10.5 cm  
  • 3D Printable Lace Skull, Half-Size By Dr. Mike

    This half-size skull with web-like texture was created from a real CT scan. The beautiful lace-like structure not only makes the piece aesthetically interesting and strong, but also reduces material cost when 3D printing. The file is in STL format. This is the half-size version. A full-size version is also available here.     Please share your 3D printable creations in the File Vault as I have shared mine with you.
    Feel free to print this model for your own personal use but please do not use this file for commercial purposes.
  • 3DPX-002306_Biliary_tract_MRCP_Nevit Dilmen By nevitdilmen

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    3D model of dilated biliary tract from MRCP. Dilated biliary tree of a patient with benign biliary stricture. Hydropic gallbladder and dilated biliary tree.
  • 3D Printable Human heart model with stackable slices By Dr. Mike

    -> IMPROVED VERSION OF THIS FILE IS AVAILABLE HERE <--   This 3D printable model of a human heart was generated from a contrast enhanced CT scan. The model comes in 4 slices, and demonstrates the detailed anatomy of the human heart in exquisite detail. Each slice stacks on top of the prior slice to form a complete human heart. Individual slices show the detailed cardiac anatomy of the right and left ventricles, and right and left atria, and outflow tracts. Perfect for educational purposes. Download this model for free and 3D print the model yourself! If you find this and other free medical models available for download on Embodi3d.com useful, please give back to the community by uploading and sharing a medical model of your design.
  • Paranasal sinuses By valchanov

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    The paranasal sinuses model for 3d printing. CT scan, 0,7mm slides, bone window. The model is without scaffolds and you should add some with your slicing software. Link to sketchfab: Paranasal sinuses   frontal, sphenoidal, ethmoidal, skull, head, paranasal sinuses, anatomy, 3d , model, .stl, printable
  • Half skull, half size, STL format By Dr. Mike

    This half-size half-skull model shows detailed skull anatomy, including the cervical spine, skull base foramina, paranasal sinuses, and orbit. Perfect for teaching and as a discussion piece. Available for download in full and half size, STL and COLLADA formats.   Please download and modify! Share your new creation by uploading to Embodi3D!  
  • The Jaw Job By Nicola

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    This is a well-defined file of the mandible with teeth. The third molars are in deep inclusion and we also have a supernumerary tooth. I was also able to segment and to separate the inferior alveolar nerves in the mandibular canal up to the mental foramen. The mesh is generated with two surface rendering, one for the bone of the mandible and one for the teeth. I think this is a good idea for Anatomical study of the alveolar nerves and the relation of the nerve with the apex of the third molar. For surgical training you can try the cuts of the Bilateral Sagittal Split  Osteotomy, any endodontic treatments or all your imagination let you do. I Hope you Enjoy.    Nicola
  • Nasal cavity with paranasal sinuses By valchanov

    This is my latest version of my paranasal sinuses model with emphasis on the nasal cavity. Every cavity is connected and can be reached with endoscope as an otorhynolaryngological training model. The wall thickness is 0,6mm. For best results, use transparent material with water or oil soluble support.  paranasal, sinuses, osteology, ethmoid, sinus, paranasal, septum, nasal, maxillary, turbinate, otorhynolaryngology, 3d, model, stl, frontal, sphenoid, facial
  • 3DPX-002331_Urinary_collecting_system_NevitDilmen By nevitdilmen

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    3D model of urinary tract collecting system including renal pelvices, ureters and urinary bladder. This would be a fragile model due to nature of ureters.  Created from MRI.
  • cervical spine segmented By fbonel

    Individually segmented vertebra for cervical spine, C1 through C7.  Cervical disks are available as a separate file.  Clear silicone sealant works well to assemble print.
  • 3D Printable Human Brain Model, STL format, from MRI By Dr. Mike

    This Brain model was created from a high resolution MRI scan. The model includes the cerebrum. The cerebellum and brain stem are not depicted. The model has been made hollow, with 4 mm wall thickness to save on material when 3D printing. The model is full-size. It has been successfully printed at full size on an Ultimaker 3 Extended printer, and at 95% size on a Formlabs Form 2 printer.           Technical parameters: Vertices: 350725 Triangles: 701950 Size: 17.9 x 13.4 x 11.5 cm
  • orbit By skullman

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    Right and left Orbits, maxillofacial, craniofacial orbit, 3d, model, stl, printable, wall, root, floor, frontal, lacrimal, zygomatic, maxilla, sphenoid, nasal, rigth, left, ethmoid, sinus, cells, 

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    • I love the Democratiz3D service. I've used it in the past with little trouble. I seem to be stuck today however. I uploaded an NRRD of a dcm folder that depicts upper and lower jaws. Of specific interest is the mandible where it seems some dental implants were placed in interesting positions. After being notified that the processing was complete, I attempted download of the stl output. I tried a number of times and with each effort the number of recorded downloads increased. However, the file has not been transferred. I'm stuck. Any advice would be most appreciated.   Mike Gillis
    • You can also use the EasyClip tool in 3DSlicer: import your CT volume and your 3D model (or even just your 3D model), then you can use the CT slices as planes to indicate where you want to cut--you can still rotate them if needed. You can save the half you want and even "undo" and save the other side (similar to Meshmixer).    Slicer is especially handy if you have landmark coordinates and want to place a cut exactly at a specific coordinate, for example if you have oriented models and nasion is at x = 0--you can type this in to the appropriate slice view (red, yellow, green).
    • For tiffs, I like to open the stack in Fiji and save as NRRD--the NRRD opens much faster in Slicer. You can also set the spacing in Fiji for the NRRD to have the correct dimensions in Slicer.