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  • 3D Printable Human heart model with stackable slices By Dr. Mike

    This 3D printable model of a human heart was generated from a contrast enhanced CT scan. The model comes in 4 slices, and demonstrates the detailed anatomy of the human heart in exquisite detail. Each slice stacks on top of the prior slice to form a complete human heart. Individual slices show the detailed cardiac anatomy of the right and left ventricles, and right and left atria, and outflow tracts. Perfect for educational purposes. Download this model for free and 3D print the model yourself! If you find this and other free medical models available for download on useful, please give back to the community by uploading and sharing a medical model of your design.
  • Half skull, half size, STL format By Dr. Mike

    This half-size half-skull model shows detailed skull anatomy, including the cervical spine, skull base foramina, paranasal sinuses, and orbit. Perfect for teaching and as a discussion piece. Available for download in full and half size, STL and COLLADA formats.   Please download and modify! Share your new creation by uploading to Embodi3D!  
  • 3D Printable Lace Skull, Half-Size By Dr. Mike

    This half-size skull with web-like texture was created from a real CT scan. The beautiful lace-like structure not only makes the piece aesthetically interesting and strong, but also reduces material cost when 3D printing. The file is in STL format. This is the half-size version. A full-size version is also available here.   If you don't want to bother printing it yourself, you can buy a model at cost from Shapeways.     Please share your 3D printable creations in the File Vault as I have shared mine with you.
    Feel free to print this model for your own personal use but please do not use this file for commercial purposes.
  • Fracture Mandible By skullman

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     Parasymphyseal and subcondylar mandibular Fracure