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3D printable files of muscles of the human body

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    • By Andrew Forsberg · Posted
      Nice file. What is the scaling factor to create a accurately sized adult heart?
    • By Dawnmferguson · Posted
      Excellent model! I ended up printing it on a less than awesome Dremel 3D printer, then made a silicone mold off of it so I could make wax crayons. I split the mesh in Fusion 360 so I could make a 2 part mold, but ended up only pouring into each side. Still great!!
    • By jvonachen · Posted
      It looks great in the pictures but I did not bother printing it because it would have generated a ton of support material which I try to minimize.  I was looking more for just a single seamless skull with minimal support.  Perhaps one in two parts and hollow.  I'll keep looking.
    • By shadowwynd · Posted
      Good model; prints in one piece (no moving joints or removable parts).  Needed it for an art project.
    • By yf2233 · Posted
      Really nice heart model, you can see the veins. Part of the model broke when I was removing support material. This was printed along with other 3D anatomy files form this site on our Stratasys printer in the lab  Thank you!!
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    • Hi all,

      My first attempt at creating a bone print of dog radius ulna using the fantastic Embodi3D procedure .  

      I see there is too much filling in of space between between and around antebrachial bones  -  this is not evident on the original CT.  Can I tweak settings to better isolate radius and ulna ?  I see beautifully isolated examples on this site and feel I am missing a trick here!  

      One point - our CT is cone beam - does that make any difference to stl creation ?

      Any advice much appreciated.

    • Medical 3D printing isn't at a point where a user can buy a printer, plug it in and do a few prints a year. There is a big learning curve a user must go through in order for prints to turn out correctly. This is especially true for medical trial exhibits where certain anatomy or conditions need to be highlighted from a CT scan. This requires 3D printing expertise and medical training.   Furthermore, you will need space and all the related tools that go with 3D printing. Some printer manufacturers show their printers sitting on an office desk. This really isn't practical because of the noise, heat and messy post print processing.   We offer a 3D printing service specifically for medical trial exhibits: https://www.embodi3d.com/3d-printing-anatomy-models-for-medical-malpractice-trial-exhibits/    
    • Here is a small sample, you can compare opening in slicer vs opening in mimics. I feel like it has something to do with it being 16 bit but mimics should be able to detect that. Any ideas? WitmerLab_Crocodylus-porosus-OUVC10899_prescan0617.dcm
    • Hey, I have looked through the forums a bit, and there are some instructions and recommendations about specific printers, but I was hoping one (or more) of you guys could comment on what printer/model might be best for me.     I work in a law firm, and recently we've been toying with the idea of printing models of some of our client's scans.   Not an everyday thing, and price and relative ease of use would be important.    So: Relatively easy printer to use Decently supported Limited use (not everyday printing, probably 4-6 big prints a year only) Price may be important   Any ideas on printers and models?