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embodi3D April 2017 Newsletter



Welcome to our April 2017 newsletter! Read on to learn how you can participate in our review writing contest and win an Amazon gift certificate, what improvements we have made to democratiz3D, and what our medical device development service offers.


3D Printable File Review Writing Contest

Download a file, post a review and you are automatically entered to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate. We will award the prize to the writer of the best review. The contest runs the month of April.


democratiz3D: Medical 3D Printing for All

democratiz3D(TM), our online tool which converts a medical scan study to a 3D printable file, has had an upgrade that allows for improved processing of dental, and face bone models. Lung CT scans with hard (sharpened) reconstruction kernels also have improved performance. Additionally, there are new materials that are shown in thumbnail renders for muscle and skin files. Going forward, thumbnails are now three colors white (bone), redish-brown (muscle) and gray (skin). Check it out, and let us know how you like it.

Custom 3D Printing for Medical Device Development

Embodi3D creates customized and highly detailed 3D printed medical models from real patient medical scans. You are assured the anatomy is realistic because it comes from a real patient. We can create sets of models, meeting your specifications for age/gender/pathology, thus giving you the most accurate picture of anatomic variability in your target patient population.


3D printed Model for Medical Device Development

A Collection of Medical Scan Files

Prior to model creation we perform a consultation to understand your needs in detail, so that the models are precisely tailored to test your device. Reply to this email for more information.

We Want Your Feedback

We would like to thank our members who have provided feedback and thus contributed to the improvements we covered in this newsletter. Please keep sending us your feedback and making the experience better for everyone!


Let's grow our community together!
The Embodi3D Team


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