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  1. Hey @Candace Moore thanks for joining Embodi3D. I don't know the answer but hopefully @Dr. Mike can chime in.
  2. Minor changes have been made to the Menu Community - Several unused sections were removed. The new sub-menu shows: Forums | Tutorials | Blogs | Newsletter Account - This replaces the Activity section, which didn't receive a lot of traffic and replaces it with hopefully something more useful for paying memebers. The new sub-menu shows: Subscriptions | Orders | My Files | Manage Purchases | Billing
  3. Allen

    Anatomical heart box

    Thanks for sharing this model @valchanov! We should compile the "best of 2019" models for our members ...
  4. Allen

    Job Round-up

    Looking for a new job in 3D printing? A host of new opportunities are now open through 3D Printing Industry. In 3D Printing Jobs, we offer candidates and employers the opportunity to search and advertise vacancies in this rapidly changing sector. In this update, we have new roles from BigRep, VA Puget Sound Health Care System, and Mogassam. To keep you informed, there have also been a number of career shifts coming from Nano Dimension, Markforged, Sigma Labs, Precision ADM, and L. S. Starrett Company. Read on to learn more and for how to apply. Medical 3D Printing Engineer, VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, Washington The Veterans Affairs (VA) Puget Sound Health Care System, a network of medical centers under the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), is seeking a medical 3D printing engineer in Seattle, Washington at the Center for Limb Loss and Mobility (CLiMB). This position calls for project development with surgeons, radiologists, and other clinical staff, which involves segmenting medical image data to CAD as well as creating anatomy to create structures. Software Technology Lead, Mogassam, Cairo Mogassam, the Egyptian manufacturer of the DentCase DLP 3D printer, are calling for a software tech lead capable of hiring, leading, and coaching the Dentprint software team as well as formulating technical features with the product manager. The candidate will also report the software’s status and contribute to designing, implementing, reviewing the technology. First Level Technical Support, BigRep, Berlin Leading large-format 3D printer manufacturer BigRep is seeking first-level technical support for its headquarters in Berlin, Germany. In this position, the person is the first point of contact for the company’s customers and resellers with questions and problems concerning its 3D printers. Source: https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/new-3d-printing-jobs-bigrep-va-puget-sound-health-care-system-mogassam-166396/
  5. This is a general announcement for the website to all members regarding Member Notifications. Summary: Member notifications are the web notifications (the 'bell' icon) and email notifications that you receive for various actions on the website so you don't miss anything: a response to your discussion, a review on your file, when you're quoted or linked, etc. You can click on Notification (the 'bell' icon) to view all recent notifications. You can also click on the link Notification Settings to adjust your personal preferences. The default user settings and methods for notifications have been significantly expanded to cover both email and web notifications, to help our members not miss out on any replies, conversations, or activities on the website. You are welcome to always override the default preferences. To do so, Open the web notification (the 'bell' icon) Click on the link Notification Settings Adjust your Notification Settings as preferred. Remember to scroll down to view all options. Please respond back to this announcement with any questions or contact @Allen. Scope: All Members Date: 12-14-2019 Code: ACP - Members - Notifications
  6. Hi @Davecast I wanted to see if you were able to connect with @Minke van Voorthuizen on her 3d paper project?
  7. Just curious, is there a way to compress the files using democratiz3d or a standard program like RAR / ZIP?
  8. Hey @Dan Cardosa Apologies for the late response, but I wanted to follow-up with you and see if you had a chance to retry it? There might have been a temporary problem with the file storage. Pinging @Angel Sosa and @Dr. Mike
  9. A fun and offtopic-but-still-related news about the newest Great Wall of China: The Chinese town of Suzhou is now home to a wall unlike any other. According to a newly published story by 3D Printing Media Network, Chinese construction company Winsun has finished building a 3D-printed wall in Suzhou which, at more than 500 meters (1,640 feet) long, is now the world’s largest 3D-printed structure of any kind. Pretty impressive! Source: https://futurism.com/the-byte/china-worlds-largest-3d-printed-structure
  10. Here are some interesting stats that I came across: A typical kidney transplant can cost more than $300,000. 3D printing has the potential to reduce that number to less than $100,000. Almost 114,000 people in the U.S. are on the waiting list for a life-saving organ donation. 3D printing produces perfectly fitted devices quickly, while remaining both functional and cost-effective Are any of you part of hospital organizations or healthcare centers that are using 3D Printing in innovative ways? Also, wow, who knew that my kidney was so expensive!
  11. 3DPrint.Com and SmarTech Analysis are offering a focused event this coming 11-12 February at the Seaport Hotel: Additive Manufacturing Strategies. This third annual iteration has two specialized and focused conferences: Medicine/Dentistry and Metals/New Materials. Over 50 speakers will be presenting over the two-day event and companion exhibit hall. In addition to this being a great place to learn and network there is a startup competition in which Asimov Ventures offers a cash award to the winning entrant. Early Bird savings end 5 December. Full news: https://3dprint.com/260940/focused-3d-printing-conference-and-exhibition-covering-medicine-dentistry-and-metals-new-materials-coming-to-boston-11-12-february/
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