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embodi3D November 2016 Newsletter



Welcome to our November 2016 newsletter! We will discuss our medical 3D printing tool and highlight a new website feature.


Dr. Mike is at the RSNA Annual Meeting in Chicago. If you are attending the conference, make sure to check out the expanded 3D printing exhibits and attend one of Dr. Mike’s workshops “3D Printing Hands-on with Open Source Software”.


democratiz3D: Medical 3D Printing for All

At the end of September we launched a tool that converts a medical CT scan into a bone STL model and optimizes it for 3D printing. Once complete, you can download your file, share it with the community, or sell it in our Marketplace. We have made so many improvements in the last 2 months that we are renaming the service “democratiz3D(TM)” – reflecting our mission to democratize medical 3D printing by making it easily accessible to anyone, through tutorials, blogs, discussion forums, a marketplace, and now software. What used to require expensive software or complicated workflows is now done in minutes with democratiz3D(TM). Dr. Mike has put together several tutorials showing how to use this tool.




democratiz3D currently lets our members convert a medical CT scan into:

  • a bone STL model
  • a muscle STL model
  • a skin STL model

Do you need a different type of file conversion or medical model? Let us know, as we keep adding more features.

embodi3D's Improved Website

Our website, embodi3d.com, recently underwent a major upgrade, making the site easier to navigate. A new feature we want to highlight is the Activity menu navigation tab. This is where you can find recent site updates at a glance. You can set up streams to get updates on content created by members you follow, making it easier for you to track content you are most interested in. A snapshot of a portion of the November activity feed is below.



We Want Your Feedback

We would like to thank our members who have provided feedback and thus contributed to the improvements we covered in this newsletter. Please keep sending us your feedback and making the experience better for everyone!


Let's grow our community together!

The Embodi3D Team


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