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  • Specialized 3D Printing Service for Medical, Dental, and Anatomic Models

    To celebrate the launch of this service, all 3D prints are offered at a special introductory rate for a limited time only.

    Fast, Accurate, Affordable Medical Models

    We now offer a 3D printing service for medical models. With this new service from embodi3D®, you can create highly accurate models by uploading your CT scan or STL file and choosing a preferred printing medium. That’s it — we take care of the rest!


    Members can also have embodi3D 3D print almost any file from the thousands of STL files in our model library. Most models are fabricated within 7 days and then shipped directly to your office or home.


    This on-demand service integrates our professional radiological experience along with our expertise in creating 3D-printed models for use by the medical community. We strive to create 3D models that are representative of the unique geometries found in anatomic forms, such as overhangs, thin walls, narrow vessels, and unsupported sections. So why choose a professional service for medical 3D printing? 


    Anatomically accurate models are more complex than, say, engineered parts for use in hobbyist applications. Life-size anatomic parts are larger and have more complicated geometries than most consumer-level 3D printers can accommodate. These are just a few of the many reasons to choose a team of specialists for your medical 3D printing project. 

    Why Choose embodi3D® for 3D Medical and Anatomic Printing Services?

    Since 2014, embodi3D® has been a global leader in medical 3D printing. Through our professional experience, we are bringing medical 3D printing services to a wider audience. This ensures that large-format medical and anatomic parts are created with the highest degrees of reliability and efficiency. 


    You can expect the following when ordering 3D-printed medical models from the embodi3D® printing service:

    • Professional results. When you order a 3D printed model, we closely analyze your submitted file to ensure it is viable for use in 3D printing. If your model cannot be printed as-is, our experts will add supports and perform other modifications to ensure the final print is medically accurate and durable. If it still cannot be produced, we will let you know. 
    • Fast turnaround times. Most 3D-printed models can be completed and shipped out within a week. 
    • Easiest way to create medical 3D prints. The 3D printing service from embodi3D® is simply the easiest way to create custom 3D-printed medical models. Simply select an existing STL file, upload your own STL file or convert a CT scan using using our democratiz3D® service, and complete your order. That’s it. 
    • It’s economical. Purchasing a 3D printer, ordering filaments, and training your staff, and spending weeks tuning your hardware and software is cost-prohibitive and time-consuming. The team at embodi3D® makes it economical, fast, and easy to produce custom 3D printed anatomic models. 

    How to Purchase a 3D Printed Model

    Step 1: Order Print Button. Each file available for 3D printing has a button named "Order Printed from " or "3D print this file." Clicking this button will take you to the order page with instructions and more information.




    Step 2: Print Method. On this page select the print method and include any special instructions. A print method will contain color and material information along with a price for each print. Clicking the Order Print button begins the checkout process.




    Step 3: Checkout. Credit card and Paypal payments are accepted. If the file to be printed is from a paid file and you don't have a license, the paid file fee will be included in your cart. Therefore, you may see two items in your shopping cart. One item for the file license and another item for the 3D printed model.




    Step 4: We prepare and create the model. Our expert staff will analyze and prepare your model for 3D printing, then produce it using state-of-the-art 3D printers, as well as optimal settings and filament materials. Once your model is complete, we will perform any post-processing and cleanup required.


    Step 5: Your 3D print is ready. Within a week of receiving your order, your 3D-printed anatomic model is finished and ready to ship. (Please allow additional time for shipping.)


    We offer a variety of 3D printing materials and processes to best meet your needs. Please see our materials page for more information.

    Production, Shipping, Terms and Limitations

    • Modifications: embodi3D staff may modify the part to add structural support and trim weak or unsupported sections to make the part printable and more durable. If there are particular areas that should be untouched, please note them with your order and we will make every effort to preserve the area of interest. 
    • Use and Licensing: We can only accept files for which you own the rights, or files uploaded to the embodi3D® website where the licensee has permitted this type of use. If it's a paid file, and you have not purchased the file previously, the file will be added to your cart and you will pay for the file and 3D printing services at checkout. There will be two items in your cart.
    • Pre-processing Checks: Before we start 3D printing your model, we will check your file to ensure printing is viable. Due to technical limitations, we cannot guarantee all models can be 3D printed.
    • Production Time: Please allow up to 1 week for production, plus additional time for shipping. Smaller models may ship early.
    • Not for Diagnostic Use: We do not certify 3D models for use with high-risk applications, and models should not be used for diagnostic purposes.


    If you have any questions prior to purchase please contact us.