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3D Printed Medical Models Made Easy


We specialize in 3D printing complex medical, dental and veterinary models. Choose a model from our extensive model library, generate your own from a CT scan using our democratiz3D cloud service, or upload your own STL model. Then, select a print material. Our experts will print and ship directly to you!


Why Order 3D Printed Models with embodi3D?


It's Easy.

You don't need to be an expert in medical 3D printing. Just click a few buttons and you're done.


It's Affordable.

Our prices are about 10% of what you’d pay for other specialized medical 3D printing companies.


It's High Quality.

From medical to dental to anatomic 3D models, we’ve perfected 3D printing over 6 years in business.


It's Fast.

We ship your highly-accurate custom model within a week - and with just 5 minutes of your time.


Get Prices Instantly.

Find a file you like and click the green "3D print this file" button to see 3D printing options & prices.


Material Choices.

Choose from several different materials and colors to customize your model.


How does it work?

3. Order Model


4. We Print Your Model


5. Delivery



Save Time, Money and Frustration



3D Printing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a file for printing?

There are three different ways you can choose a file.

  1. Find an STL file in our model library.
  2. Upload your STL file.
  3. Convert a medical scan using democratiz3D.

What type of materials are available?

We offer a variety of 3D printing materials and processes to best meet your needs. Please see our materials page for more information.

What our customers are saying

tsehrhardt"This was a very high quality print. The bone is very smooth with no ripples or messiness from supports, and the skin looks amazing in the polished clear, allowing the bone to be fully visible underneath. The whole model has a better weight as well, compared to the lighter-weight models I would produce with my own printer. An excellent way to demonstrate two different tissues in one model!"

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