• democratiz3D® FAQs

    What is democratiz3D?

    democratiz3D is an image processing service which allows embodi3D members to easily convert and process files when going from a medical image to a 3D printable file. democratiz3D greatly reduces the time for converting files. Users no longer need to learn complicated software or invest in software programs and training.


    How much does it cost to convert my scan to a 3D printable file?

    It's free.


    How long does it take to convert my scan to a 3D printable file?

    The time to convert your file depends on the size of the file and the quality you decide on. You set the quality as you prepare to submit the file for processing. A small file with a low quality setting can take less than a minute to process. However, high quality conversion of a large file can take about 20 minutes.


    Who is democratiz3D designed for? Do I have to be a doctor or other medical professional to use democratiz3D? I am a patient and have a copy of my CT scan. Can I create a 3D printable file?

    Anyone who wants to quickly and easily convert medical scan images into 3D print ready files can learn how. There are a couple of steps in going from a CT scan to a 3D printable file. First, you have to determine whether you have a good medical scan and select the best and most meaningful images within that scan. Second, you have to anonymize your scan by creating an NRRD file, as you cannot upload files that contain patient data. You can then upload that NRRD file and democratiz3D will convert it to an STL file. The STL file is used for 3D printing. We have various tutorials that can guide you through the process.


    How can I learn to use democratiz3D?

    A step by step guide is available on the Getting Started page. Other tutorials are available as well.


    Can I start from any medical scan?  CT scan only, and bone only?

    Currently we have the following image converters available:

    1. An NRRD from CT scan is converted to a bone STL file
    2. An NRRD from CT scan is converted to a detailed bone STL file
    3. An NRRD from CT scan is converted to a muscle STL file
    4. An NRRD from CT scan is converted to a skin STL file

    Please note: MRI scans can't be converted at this time. However, more converters are planned.


    Why do I need to create an NRRD file?

    An NRRD file is a standard image format which allows for images coming from different sources (e.g. CT scans) to be easily processed. Medical scans contain patient data, while NRRD files do not. When you upload your NRRD file to embodi3D.com, you will not be transmitting patient data.


    Will I transmit patient data when I upload a file? Is democratiz3D HIPAA Compliant?

    No, you will not transmit patient data when uploading an NRRD file. By completing the DICOM to NRRD conversion all patient data is removed from the CT scan. By  removing patient information, the NRRD files uploaded and processed by democratiz3D are HIPAA compliant.


    Where can I 3D Print my STL file?

    An STL file can be sent to any 3D printer which accepts that file format. If you don't have a 3D printer, 3D Hubs is an online directory of 3D printing services where you can find someone to print your file.


    Is my 3D printable file automatically shared with the embodi3D® community?

    When you are configuring democratiz3D to process your file, you have the option to share a file or keep it private.


    Are the screenshot thumbnails of my 3D printable file automatically shared with the embodi3D community?

    The thumbnails are associated with the processed file. If the file is private then them screenshot thumbnails will also be private. The same is true for the images created for the processed files.


    Can I sell my 3D printable file on the embodi3D marketplace?

    Yes, you can sell any file within the embodi3D marketplace. This includes original NRRD files and processed STL files.


    If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us.