• How to Make 3D Printable Files from CT Scans with democratiz3D®


    You can easily and quickly create error-free 3D printable bone files from a medical CT scan using the free democratiz3D service from Embodi3d. Below you will find a quick step-by-step guide on how to upload your file for processing and then download it for 3D printing. Visit our tutorials for in-depth topics and our FAQs for answers to the most common questions.


    Step 1: Log in to your embodi3D® account and launch democratiz3D.

    If you haven't already registered for an account, sign up now. It's quick and free. Then go to the democratiz3D menu and click "Launch App" or go to Download and click "Submit a File"


    Step 2: After initiating the file submission process, make sure you select democratiz3D Processing.



    Step 3: Drag and drop your NRRD file to be processed.

    NRRD is a file format that allows the anonymous transfer of imaging studies. NRRD files contain no patient information and are thus a safe way to send image data without compromising patient privacy. Embodi3D does not accept files that contain patient information. To learn how to create an anonymized NRRD file from a CT scan, see the tutorial here.



    Step 4: Type a title and a short description of your file that you are submitting for processing.



    Step 5: Accept the Terms of Use.

    Remember, no patient identifiable information allowed! Then click democratiz3D Processing to flag the NRRD file for processing.




    Step 6: Turn on democratiz3D Processing.

    Click on the democratiz3D Processing toggle to active it. The color will change from red(Off) to green(On). This will reveal the processing parameters.






    Step 7: Select processing parameters and processed file options.

    Select the Operation and leave the Threshold (in Hounsfield units) at the default value unless you are familiar with this parameter. Choose a file output quality. High provides better quality but takes longer to process. Choose the processed file options for Privacy, Category and whether you want to sell the processed file. Click Save & Submit Files.




    Step 8: Wait for file processing to complete and view your processed file.

    Processing can take from 4 to 20 minutes depending on the size and quality of the file and the load on the servers. Thumbnails of the processed file will be added a few minutes after file processing is complete. You will receive an email notifying you that your file is ready and providing a link to your file. If you prefer to find the file via the website, click on your profile to see a list of files that belong to you. Go to profile, then click "See my activity", then on the next page look on the left under Downloads and click Files.








    Step 9: Find your completed, processed file.

    The processed file should have the same name as the source file with "- processed" added to the title. Click on the name to go to the download page.




    Step 10: View and Download your 3D printable STL file

    Your 3D printable STL file can now be downloaded. The file should be error free and free from mesh defects that can impair 3D printing. Click the Download this file button to download your new file!