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  • hollow_shell.JPGEmbodi3D was founded by a practicing interventional radiologist who experienced the benefits of 3D printing first hand. Excited to share what he learned, embodi3d.com was formed. The site is now the leading online community for biomedical 3D printing.

    Our mission is to democratize medical 3D printing by making it easily accessible to anyone, through tutorials, blogs, discussion forums, a marketplace, and software. Learn to 3D print with proprietary software or free and open source tools. There are many easy to follow tutorials which empower you to go from medical image to an STL file ready for 3D printing.

    By joining our community you will be part of an energetic group of people with a passion for 3D printing.

    Start a blog and share your biomedical 3D printing journey with an active and enthusiastic group of makers.

    Share or sell your files or download a file ready for 3D printing. There are lots of file categories, including, medicine, veterinary, and anthropology.