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    As a practicing interventional radiologist, Dr. Mike Itagaki, MD, MBA, our founder, had performed countless procedures on hundreds of patients throughout his career. Though he always used every resource available to prepare for surgeries, every procedure contained unknowns. There was no way to practice, so he could only do his best to prepare for any possible outcome.

    Dr. Mike Itagaki

    That all changed when a patient undergoing a complex procedure challenged Dr. Mike to find a better option, asking "Well, isn't there a way for you to practice?"

    At the time, the answer was no. Any doctor who faced a complex, unusual case could only use knowledge, preparation, and theory to perform their procedures. That’s just the way it was. And, for the most part, still is.

    But Dr. Mike had an idea, based on a recent interest in 3D printing and its uses for medicine. He spent hundreds of hours testing 3D printing options, working until he produced a perfect replica of the patient’s artery — at a low cost he could pay out-of-pocket. He then used this model to practice and perfect the procedure, operating in half the anticipated time and saving the patient’s life.

    This experience gave Dr. Mike insight into new ways to treat patients, showing the value of 3D-printed medical models. He began working to make this resource accessible and affordable, creating Embodi3D to help others learn, train, and prepare for complex procedures. With Embodi3D, you can:

    1. Access countless 3D medical models - We offer the largest, most reputable, and fastest growing library of affordable medical 3D printable models. Search through thousands of models and files, each based on real medical scans, for use in medicine, veterinary practice, and anthropology.

    2. Have your models printed and shipped to you - Order your models in a variety of colors and mediums, including resin and plastic and receive them in just days. We use our 3D printing expertise to give you perfectly detailed, high-quality models at a price you can afford.

    3. Request custom models for medical device development, vascular procedure training, and medical trial exhibits.

    4. Create models from a CT scan - Democratiz3D, our exclusive, cloud-based conversion tool, allows you to create 3D-printed models from your own CT scans. Create the exact model you need, exactly how you need it, without a need for prior 3D-printing experience.

    5. Learn about medical 3D printing - Our forums, tutorials, blogs, and software offer a community for learning, sharing, and developing better solutions for medical needs. We believe powerful solutions should never be limited by cost and availability. Embodi3D exists to make that a reality.

    Location: Embodi3D is based near Seattle, Washington, USA

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