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embodi3D May 2017 Newsletter



Welcome to our May 2017 newsletter! Read on to learn how you can participate in our file sharing contest and win an Amazon gift certificate, what improvements we have made to democratiz3D, and where you can find source medical files for 3D printing.


democratiz3D: New NRRD & STL Thumbnail Creation


democratiz3D(TM), our online tool which converts a medical scan study to a 3D printable file, has had an exciting upgrade: it now automatically creates thumbnails for NRRD files. As a reminder, the NRRD files are created from the original DICOM files from CT scans. Thumbnails are now automatically generated for all newly uploaded files. Once you submit a file for processing the thumbnails images will be available almost immediately. Simply refresh your browser window to see the thumbnails.


NRRD Thumbnail files


You can make thumbnails for your existing NRRD and STL files by clicking "Generate Thumbnails" on the file detail page. NRRD thumbnail generation takes a few seconds. Please note thumbnails are generated for STL files as well, but these take several minutes to process.

A Collection of Medical Scan Files

A new category called Medical Scan Files has been added to our Download area. This is a collection of NRRD source files uploaded and shared by members. Check it out, and please share your files so we can continue to grow our medical file library.



May Medical 3D Printing File Sharing Contest

Speaking of sharing, we are now running a contest for the best shared file with the winner receiving a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Share a file when you upload and you are automatically entered to win. The contest runs the month of May.


April 3D Printable STL File Review Contest Winner

Congratulations to Cris, who won our April file review contest! Cris is CEO and cofounder of Tenere Technology, a medical software development company, based in Madrid, Spain. Cris and her team are working to discover the world of 3D printing and excited about the amazing possibilities.


She reviewed an anatomically accurate scapula STL file. She wrote a nice review including an image of the scapula she printed using a file contributed by member health_physics.

3D Printed Scapula


In her review Cris also includes a picture of her 3D printer and helpful 3D printing details like wall thickness, print speed and type of material used.

Meet Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike will be speaking at FUSE 2017, Formlabs User Conference in Boston on June 6. If you are attending the conference, please seek out Dr. Mike. It is a unique opportunity to let him know how you use embodi3D and how we can improve.

We Want Your Feedback

We would like to thank our members who have provided feedback and thus contributed to the improvements we covered in this newsletter. Please keep sending us your feedback and making the experience better for everyone!


Let's grow our community together! The Embodi3D Team


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