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Review Writing Contest Winner for April 2017



In April 2017, embodi3D held its first review writing contest. Many great reviews were posted and we selected a review by Cris as the winner. She is the recipient of the $25 Amazon gift certificate. Congratulations Cris!




She reviewed an anatomically accurate scapula STL file.  She wrote a nice review including an image of the scapula she printed using the file uploaded by health_physics. In her review Cris also includes a picture of her 3D printer and helpful 3D printing details like wall thickness, print speed and type of material used.


We are having a file sharing contest in May and have increased the prize to $50. All that is required is to upload a file, share the file and write a brief description. Each shared file you upload in May 2017 will be an entry in our contest. There is no limit to the number of files you can upload and share. To learn more and see complete rules please visit our contest page.


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