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Do you have some cool 3D anatomical models you have created? You can share or sell them on embodi3D. Uploading your files to share or sell is easy. Share your model with the world for free or earn money by selling it. Just follow these simple steps.

    Things you will need before starting:

  • An embodi3D account. If you don't have one, you can register for free here
  • A 3D printable model in a standard file format (STL, OBJ, etc).
  • If you have pictures or renders of the final model, have them ready. If you don’t have pictures, don’t worry as you can create renders automatically after you upload.

Step 1: Submit your file

Click on the "Submit a File" button in the Downloads 3D models library.


Step 2: Choose a category

Choose the category in which to put your model. There are eight main categories: bones, muscles, cardiac and vascular, organs of the body, veterinary, science & research, miscellaneous, and medical scan files. Choose the category and subcategory that best fit with your model. Selecting the right category will make it easier for potential buyers to find your model.


Step 3: Upload Files

Drag-and-drop your model files onto the upload panel.

Use standard model file formats like STL, OBJ, VRML, X3D, or PLY.


Step 4: Upload Screenshots

If you have any photos, renders, or screenshots of your model, drag-and-drop them onto the Add Screenshots panel. If you don’t have any, don’t worry. You will have the ability to automatically generate renders of your model after it is uploaded.


Step 5: File name and description

Give your model a name in the File Name field, and a detailed description in the About This File field. Use descriptive tags to help identify your file in searches.

Top Tip: Details matter

Make the title and description as detailed as possible. You can include pictures and even YouTube videos in your description to make it come alive. 3D printing technical parameters (dimensions, file size, etc) are also valuable. A well-written title and description will not only help your model to be found through searches, but will create a compelling reason for people to download or purchase your model.


Step 6: Free or Paid and License Type

Set your file as Free or Paid, and choose a License Type. If you want to share your file with the community for free (Thank You!), choose the Free option. If you want to sell your file, choose Paid, and set the sales price of the model. In both cases set the privacy of your model to Share this File, otherwise the file will be hidden and nobody will see it. Choose a license under which to publish your model, typically a Creative Commons license for free models or the General Paid File License for Paid models. You can use a custom license if you prefer. Note that embodi3D takes a 15% commission and $0.30 transaction fee on all digital model sales.

Top Tip: Don't underprice your model

If you have a model that is of high quality and is unique, don't underestimate its value. You may want to start with a low price to assess the demand for your model, but if your model is popular or very unique consider gradually raising the price until you determine the optimal price.


Step 7: Save and Submit

Check the Terms of Use box to accept the Terms.

Click Save and Submit. Your model is now uploaded!


Step 8:Generate thumbnails

If you need to generate renders, click on the “Generate Thumbnails” link to automatically create rendered thumbnails of your model. The process takes about 10 minutes.


Step 9: Advertise your model

Consider posting a link to your model page in the 3D printable models forum. Also, post the link to your social media accounts to let your friends and followers know where they can download your masterpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can buyers do with my files?

If you use the General Paid File License, buyers may make a single 3D print from your digital file. If they want to make more than one 3D print they have to purchase another license from you. They can't resell your files. Note that there are more restrictions on Paid Files than for free files that are distributed under a Creative Commons License. See the General License for Paid Files for more details.

How can I improve my chances of selling files?

Ensure that your files are of high quality. Upload good thumbnail images that show 3D prints created from your file clearly. Don't make your file too expensive in the beginning. Set a lower price and see what happens. Finally, be sure to share a link to your file on your social media accounts.

What fees will I have to pay?

Embodi3D charges a 15% commission and a 30 cent USD transaction fee for facilitating the sale. That means you will get almost 85% of the sale price in most cases.

How can I see my account balance?

You can find your account balance under Account Credit, under the Activity tab.

When will I get paid?

Embodi3D will hold your money until you have at least $50 of credit. We can then transfer the money to you via PayPal. We conduct transfers regularly. Contact us to facilitate a transfer.

We will send your funds in USD via PayPal. Any PayPal transfer fees will be deducted from a transfer amount.

Can I use my credit before it is sent to me via PayPal?

Yes. You can use your credit to purchase other models on the embodi3D website.

What can't I upload?

You must comply with our Terms of Use. But more generally, you cannot upload files for sale that you do not own and are not authorized to sell. You can't upload files that contain someone else's trademarks or intellectual property, and you cannot upload any files that contain identifiable patient information.


Ready to upload your files? Go to the library to get started.

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