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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This two piece hollow heart model is derived from a high quality CT scan. The two halves can be kept separate to illustrate anatomy inside the heart, or they can be fused together to make a single piece realistic hollow heart. The cut plane is along the long axis of the heart, which allows for a perfect four-chamber view of the heart. Right and left ventricles, right and left atrium, SVC, IVC, pulmonary arteries and pulmonary veins are present in the model. Other heart models I have made: Heart Top.stl


  2. Dr. Mike


    My name is Frank Cayer and I would like permission to use your STL file on the N95 mask holder.  Just purchased a Prusa printer to make items to give back to homeless Veterans and the community.  Have Soft Tissue Sarcoma on my face from Panama.  Fighting the VA and they refuse to help Vietnam Era Veterans with Agent Orange medical issues.  So I decided to focus on something that makes a difference.  Do not make that much money and I figure that the Prusa would make a difference.  At the same time where some of the money would pay for the mask for Veterans and free bus passes during the summer so the homeless can ride busses to get out of the heat.  Depends on how many I sell to give each month because I have to pay for the filament and overhead.  Have a friend that wants to invest in more PURSA printers.  Have a professor at the one of the Florida Universities that teaches 3D printing giving me advise on the printer operations.  If you want to call me you can reach me at 703-496-8652 or frank.cayer@gmail.com 

    1. Dr. Mike

      Dr. Mike

      Frank, thanks for the message. The N95 mask holder is distributed under the Creative commons attribution, non-commercial, no-derivatives license. So, you can use it for noncommercial purposes. If you want to use it for a commercial venture, private message me and we can discuss. 


      All the best,

      Dr. Mike

  3. Looks like a great file. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to feature it.
  4. How was it? I've always wanted to attend but it never seems to work out.
  5. Ooooh, this looks interesting and worth investigating. I'd love to implement a 3D viewer on this site. Thanks Terrie!
  6. Not sure what settings you used, but you might want to increase the threshold value so that more of the soft tissue is excluded, thus making for a cleaner bone model. The default value is 150 Hounsfield units. Try 250 and see if that helps. Good luck!
  7. It is just the bones. So structures like the brain are not included. Hope this helps.
  8. This is really interesting article about using 3D printed needle guides (see picture) for tumor localization prior to breast conserving surgery in breast cancer, specifically ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The report was published in Nature! The unique angle here is that the guides can be created from MRI, which can show the tumor most accurately. More traditional methods of pre-op localization involve mammography or ultrasound localization. There were only 11 patients in this study, but it is a very interesting application of 3D printing technology to allow MRI to be used to guide surgeries.
  9. Nice post. It great to get kids into 3D printing, but safely. The technology will only get better and they are the future!
  10. Well, one thing you can do is segment and put the finished digital models up for sale on Embodi3D. If you create a good model that is of interest, you can make a good deal of passive income. It helps if you go the extra mile and modify the anatomy to make a better model, like I did with slicing my heart segmentation model below. It is also helpful to add a nice description and pictures/videos. We have everything you need to do this on Embodi3D, including a large library of anonymized scans to start with. Spend a few hours designing a nice model and you can generate passive income for years. Hope this helps.
  11. Interestingly, their medical services were positive in Q3 2020 vs 2019, implying that there is still strong demand on medical 3D printing despite the pandemic and recession.
  12. You need a source for the data. Do you have a CT scan of a rabbit?
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