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  1. Hello, Doctor.
    Which software (Free) converts ultrasound to .stl
    I am Brazilian I do not speak english.Thank you.
    I've printed this model many times, both in PLA and using stereolithography resin. The images below are an example using polished clear resin that the embodi3D service uses. Make sure to use adequate support for the fine structures inside the heart chamber and it should turn our great. If you don't want to print it yourself, you can order it printed through the embodi3D print service.
  2. Our own Dr. @valchanov has been featured in a wonderful article on sketchfab.com that discusses his foray into medical 3D printing. Congrats Peter!
  3. I too, and having trouble with PLA-BVOH in the Palette. The joints just don't hold and over the course of a print they fail.
  4. Very cool! I did something similar when I designed a functional aortic valve dynamic flow TAVR tester. The hardest part about printing in elastic is the valve leaflets. They are thin and susceptible to tearing. Also, they can stick together. It was a tricky print! Mike
  5. This is a great post Angel. Initially, need for PPE was focused on hospitals. As business start to open up again, I am seeing increasing demand from office-type facilities like dentists and orthodontists. These businesses have high COVID exposure risk, but don't have the infrastructure like a hospital for obtaining PPE. What innovations exist to fill this unique need?
  6. This is similar to carbon fiber reinforced PLA, which is much stronger than regular PLA. This type of material has the possibility to produce very strong parts. And the concept of fibers that run at different angles can create a much stronger material than even pure PLA, sort of how the layers of plywood give more added strength compared to regular wood alone (see below).
  7. Thanks for the response Selami. You are exactly correct.
  8. Oh yes, Prusa slicer is great. I use it, but only with my Prusa Mk3S. Isn't it hardware-specific then? Preform is another slicing package, but of course, it is only usable on Formlabs STL printers.
  9. I like Simplify3D because you can try out different profiles on the same print bed. This allows more rapid developing of a good printing profile for a given material.
  10. Hello,

    When it comes to technology I rank 0 on a scale of 1-10. 1 being utterly confused and helpless. 10 being on your level. My question is- instead of using the 3D holders for the masks, while being sterilized, is there something more simple I can use? Possibly something around the house?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Marissa Fox 

  11. The double rack is 40 cm tall. The single rack is about 20 cm tall. Hope this helps.
  12. Drag and drop the NRRD file onto the upload panel in democratiz3D, and then complete the rest of the form. Your file will then start to convert to a mesh in STL file format.
  13. Here is a nice article on PLA print finishing. Nothing earth-shattering, but solid ideas. I've never tried the epoxy route. Sounds messy. https://3dinsider.com/finish-pla-prints/
  14. Here is another round of 3D printing jobs. Senior Research Scientist at Youngstown State University 3D Manager at Bluedge Tim Spahr joins 3DXTECH https://3dprintingindustry.com/news/3d-printing-jobs-bluedge-and-youngstown-state-university-are-hiring-career-moves-at-stratasys-dassault-systemes-amaero-and-3dxtech-168782/
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