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Files related to 3D printing of bony structures.

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    UPDATE: There is an improved tutorial that shows you how to create 3D printable bone models even more easily and for free on any operating system. Click here to learn more.
    This file pack contains files to accompany the tutorial "Creating 3D Printable Models from Medical Scans in 30 Minutes Using Free Software: Osirix, Blender, and Meshmixer." Download the files to follow along with the tutorial and create a 3D printed model yourself!
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    Included files:
    TCGA-06-5410 - contains the DICOM files with an anonymized research CT scan used to create the skull model skull - Contains the uncorrected, raw STL file generated from Osirix. skull file - Contains the skull STL file after correcting mesh errors in Blender. skull file corrected - Contains the .form file of the corrected STL. This is the file format used with the Formlabs Form1+ printer. If you have this type of printer, download this file and print yourself. All files are compressed with zip.


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