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Biomedical 3D Printing

Discussion forums for 3D printing related to any manner of medicine or biological sciences. 


  1. Medical 3D Printing

    General discussion and news about biomedical 3D printing applications in science and research, including disciplines like anthropology, paleontology, and engineering.

  2. Hardware and 3D Printers

    Questions about 3D printers, filament, and other hardware-related items. Popular printers include Formlabs Form 2, Ultimaker 3 and 3 Extended, and Makerbot.

  3. Software

    Discuss the many software applications used in 3D printing, including both freeware and commercial. Examples include 3D Slicer, MeshMixer, Osirix, Mimics, Blender, and D2P, among others.

  4. democratiz3D® Support

    Questions relating to democratiz3D, embodi3D's free online CT scan to 3D printable model conversion service. 

  5. 3D Printable Models

    Discussion topics related to 3D printable model files, especially files in the Embodi3D file library. Feel free to share your models and projects with us here!

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    • Hello all,   I have initially uploaded a few very high quality models that I had produced from a small collection of high resolution CT scans I have. They are all in manifold STL format. Here are some screenshots of a full spine model, high resolution ear, pelvis, and full heart lumen model which I have attempted to convert into an assembly/display model with a base:     My personal usage for these models has been for computer simulations, so I'm not too familiar with the requirements for a good 3D printable model.   - Is it typically a requirement to have latticed internal volumes to reduce material costs? - What about dowels/pins so that the model can be assembled? Do people usually want this? - Are there any other considerations that would make these models more valuable to the community - I potentially have a few more anatomies that could be of value.   Many thanks.    
    • A friend of mine who’s taking his reverse engineering game to the next level told me that he had just bought the Formlabs Form 2 Sla 3d Printer Complete Package. I was so surprised when I looked at the price, but he told me that it’s going to be all worth it as the product is considered a game-changer. Now I’m wondering, what exactly are the features you need to look into that pushed up the price of products like a 3D printer?
    • Hi @yatay, I did long time ago... but not since because no one didn't ask for it. To be short, as for now, using 3D Slicer you can make stl model from GE and Philips ultrasound DICOM data
    • Hi Frends, I plan to serve segmentetation job professionally which I also finished web site  about it. But i am not sure about prices of such of a job that I can do. You can see one of my segmentation work below, which I also work on it with 3d programs. I can do more than 3 such kind of job in a day which depends how complex it is. For your opinion how much should I ask such kind of job? Best Regards Selami   Please use link below to see 3D FBX file to see the file, hope you enjoy it. https://v.creators3d.com/index.html?load=%2Fviews%2Fproduction%2Fitem%2F20201222%2F6331376031150221%2F6331376031150221.glb&autorotate=true&json-data=1608605817591&decrypt=1&webp=1&gzip=true&tv=120&exp=1.62&hdr-intensity=0.9&hdr=18&hdr-blur=true  
    • Hey everyone!   I sadly haven't had any luck finding CT images of aortic stenosis and was wondering if anyone here could help me out. We are hoping to create models that are specific to the patient's anatomy that can help surgeons visualize important features such as the degree of calcification and leaflet deformation in the aortic valve. Our goal is to assist cardiac surgeons in the pre-planning phase of the surgery and aid them in the process of optimal prosthetic selection and placement for their patients.   I would really appreciate any help! Thank you so much.
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