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Top 10 Best Embodi3D´s Members

Angel Sosa


Before we dive into the top Member of 2020, we would like to thank all Embodi3D members, you enrich the medical 3d library. In addition, we would like to encourage you to upload more files and be part of the largest, most reputable, and fastest growing library of affordable medical 3D printable models for use in medicine, veterinary practice, and anthropology.


These 15  top members have shared the best 3D models for 2020


1. Meet Mike Itagaki |CEO and Founder at Embodi3D  @Dr. Mike






He is a practicing  board-certified interventional radiologist, Dr. Mike Itagaki, MD, MBA, our founder, who specializes in cardiovascular imaging and minimally-invasive image-guided interventional procedures had performed countless procedures on hundreds of patients throughout his career. Though he always used every resource available to prepare for surgeries, every procedure contained unknowns. There was no way to practice, so he could only do his best to prepare for any possible outcome.

He is also interested in the use of 3D printing in medical imaging and surgical planning.



2. Meet Embodi3D | Senior Guru @embodi3d







The Official Embodi3D Account.



3. Meet Terrie Simmons-Ehrhardt | Advanced Member & Blogger @tsehrhardt


She is a forensic anthropology. She started extracting bones from CTs during a fellowship after her M.A. Using bones from CTs provides an opportunity to view an enormous amount of skeletal variation so easily, and she is all about using 3D technology to improve methods for human identification and skeletal analyses, 3D printing teaching specimens, etc.


She is also considering pursuing additional education and certification in Rad Tech, so she can be experienced in the front-end collection as well. She´s currently reading First Cut by Judy Melinek and T.J. Mitchell!








4. Meet Peter Valchanov | Elite Contributor @valchanov







MD. Physician, anatomy teacher, scientist, 3D artist, medical 3d printing specialist. Creating and 3D printing human organ replicas for living, planning to print living ones soon. Proficient with sharp instruments, medical data and CAD software. Hoping to save the world one day.



5. Meet Vjekoslav Kopačin @kopachini


He is a Radiology Resident, but not for long 😵 and interested in interventional radiology. When he isn´t studying or 3d printing, he is crazy about on-line video game called World of Tanks 😁😁.






6. Meet Gustavo Santoro | Power Contributor @Gustavo


He is interested in Veterinary CT 3D printing and uploads the best veterinary 3D models





7. Meet Michael Fassbind | Senior Contributor @mikefazz


He specialize in creating 3D models from CT and MRI scans (digital and 3D printed).  His previous work was at a biomechanics research group focusing on lower limb biomechanics and prosthetics.





8. Meet Allen Blake Chao | Senior Contributor @Allen

Support administrator and community manager for Embodi3D. He shares relevant news with our community.





9. Meet Jesús Báez | Senior Contributor @Jesús Báez

He is a Radiologist Technician Graduated from CUCS (Mexico). Passionate about radiological and sectional anatomy. He likes open source and open hardware, powered by 3d printing and he found embodi3D a very motivating project.







10. Meet Pzuniga | Senior Contributor @pzuniga

This member shares excellent skull and maxillofacial files.





11. Meet Jaime de la Parra | Contributor @delaparra

He is interested in biomedical Imaging, 3D printing of Implants and models.






12. Meet Frank Bonelli | Contributor @fbonel

He uploads a great variety of 3d models.






13. Meet Selami | Contributor @Selami


Architecture Cad. Selami shares amazing 3d models. 







14. Wrennie |Contributor @Wrennie

Wrennie shares awesome skin 3d models







15. Meet Justin Kerby | Junior Contributor @kerbyradres

He is currently a third year Radiology Resident at the University of Kansas Medical Center and 3D printing hobbyist. He makes anatomic models for procedure simulations.





Special thanks to:


Meet Jerry Stanley | Junior Contributor @Jerry Stanley

Jerry's amazing contribution to fight Covid: Face shield






Meet Bob Nordlund | Junior Contributor @attenb

Bob shared with us the: Hepa Filter Holder for BVMs







About author

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    Angel Sosa

    A Radiologist who´s passionate about AI and imaging in any form. From x rays, ultrasound to CT, MR and 3d printing. Likes photography, music, and  video games.



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