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  1. 3D modeling and printing from US data is pretty much the same as from CT... using treshold technique and generating mesh. The biggest problem, for now, is how to open DICOM data obtained from US because it differs to one obtained from CT in one of the software for sliceing (3D Slicer). For now, in 3D slicer you can open DICOM data from GE machines and Philips but people are working on enabling importing DICOM data from other manufacturers. Hope this helps a little bit
  2. kopachini

    Skull is seen as two shells

    Dear olatif2 when in blender, choose edge select and then ALT + LMB/RMB (depending your preferences) and it should select whole edge (tabula externa) than try SHIFT+ALT+LMB/RMB and select tabula externa and than when both edges are selected pres F and sgould get a facet (closed gap). Or faster way would be to add a new object (cube), size it up, put it below both edges and boolean operation difference and should get closed edges of the skull but slightly lower model than it would be at first.
  3. kopachini

    Converting Ultrasound Files

    Dear @madjid_hatefi in the link below you can find some promising steps for making a 3D model with Madison US (it is the same as the mentioned above but with new progress). https://discourse.slicer.org/t/could-not-load-ultrasound-from-mvl-medison-file-format/3928/7
  4. kopachini

    image extraction

    ooh, now I see... totally misunderstand question... I didn't realise that he is talking about conventional angiography, sorry
  5. kopachini

    image extraction

    you have several tutorial videos on this web page how to segment a model. but instead of bones which are in the video, you choose contrast blood to segment. https://www.embodi3d.com/tutorials.html/
  6. And are people from other countries allowed to participate or only for folks from the USA?
  7. kopachini

    Converting Ultrasound Files

    If I hear or find out something new I will let you know. Sometimes take a glance at 3D Slicer forum (or link above) and maybe sooner or later something will come up ;). P.S. I know your struggle if something is not free :/
  8. kopachini

    Converting Ultrasound Files

    I found in the 3D Slicer forum this topic that may help you. There is software called TomoVision that could help you, but you must buy it. https://discourse.slicer.org/t/how-to-import-a-mvl-file-format-3d-ultrasound-image/3294
  9. kopachini

    Converting Ultrasound Files

    I am sorry, I didn't have opportunity to work with that model so can't tell you is it possible to make 3D model. Do you have DICOM data maybe to share?
  10. kopachini

    Converting Ultrasound Files

    Wich US is a study made on?
  11. Wow, nice. Thank you for your true review of MMU2. Unfortunately, new orders for MMU begin in February 2019 and can't wait for it to begin Those prints look great. Are there any difficulties when printing ABS/PLA and PVA as support together in one print? PS. @Dr. Mike is this Palette Mosaic same thing you told me about in RSNA meeting?
  12. @valchanov I am from Croatia, so Prusa is my choice . Yes, taxes can be really high, especially for us in this part of the Europe, right? Last year I saw a really excellent DLP printer (Gizmo) from Australia, but when you sum tax to the price... unfortunately was too high for me
  13. Was it hard to build one from a kit?? Kit is 300€ cheaper than preassembled one.
  14. kopachini

    Flexible and Elastic Material

    I am planning to buy this printer and later on multi material update, so please upload some pictures
  15. kopachini

    3D Printing My Skull

    what is the model of the 3D US? I was able to do model from GE and probably could do it from Siemens Acuson x3000 (I didn't have proper volume, it was my kidney not fetal face ). I tried from Philips US but also didn't acquired right volume (cardiologist didn't know how to do it) and I didn't have much time to read the manual of the machine.