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  1. If we have enough sections in one axis X or Y or Z, which are all 2D, it can be done Mike.May be 150 slices in one axis will be enough.. I will publish here when I do it.
  2. Hi, I used CT scans to create them. But newer tried X-ray (I hope has more than one sections) to create them. Please send me a sample to try. So we can discuss what can we do about it.
  3. Hi, Please check links below, and message me if interested. Best wishes https://v.creators3d.com/index.html?load=%2Fviews%2Fproduction%2Fitem%2F20201114%2F1078667186261940%2F1078667186261940.glb&autorotate=true&json-data=1605351883283&decrypt=1&webp=1&gzip=true&exp=5 https://v.creators3d.com/index.html?load=%2Fviews%2Fproduction%2Fitem%2F20201114%2F2891335094102853%2F2891335094102853.glb&autorotate=true&json-data=1605351743731&decrypt=1&webp=1&gzip=true&exp=2.23
  4. Selami


    Version 1.0.1


    5 stl


  5. After cut, we need to export a new stl file, and import it to 3dslicer, or which software you create STL file. So we can resegment to fill holes. But nice topic for me, I will think better and faster solutiuon for it. cheers
  6. Ok I understand. You have selected your model with lasso and cut it. And turn back to fill between them. As jpg?
  7. Oh i just got it. My bad sorry. Select remeshed fill, i guess you choose no fill option
  8. Thanks. Lets do step by step then. 1.jpg :First I opened your STL file and clicked left view(which is front view for architetcs as me ) 2.jpg : you can change axis and move selection. you can also rortate at that view to check if its ok. 3.jpg changed rotation axis and cutting side. just say accept. Thats it. Cheers
  9. Hi Arthur, I have downloaded your stl file from your profile and cut it. It seems ok if you do it from Edit=>Plane Cut command. Unfortunately stl files over 24 mb and i cant send from here. just send me message your e mail for stl files if you have issues cutting by this way. Cheers
  10. Hi Artur, Make Solid may help in edit menu. If you share file may be we can check whats wrong to fix it. Cheers
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A tumor segmented from CT, 6 STL files included. I can send mapped file, if needed. Here is video link


  12. Version 1.0.0


    Full Mouth segmented from data set published by UnitedDental. Maxilary and Mandibule seperated both teeth in STL file. Data Set link below. CBCT of mandible, axial, dicom, .stl, 3d, model, printable, printing, medical, medicine, incisor, molar, premolar, canine, teeth, tooth, dental, dentistry, bone, enamel, hard, palate, foramen, foramina, angle, ramus, body, mandible, maxilla, ct, scan, without, contrast,


  13. Version 1.0.0


    Stl files of Maxillary, data set sent By Doctys. All teeth and arch bone segmented seperetaly in zip file. Dataset link ;


  14. My pleasure Even I try to contact doctors whom saves our lives, just newer mind. leave it
  15. Hi Frends, I plan to serve segmentetation job professionally which I also finished web site about it. But i am not sure about prices of such of a job that I can do. You can see one of my segmentation work below, which I also work on it with 3d programs. I can do more than 3 such kind of job in a day which depends how complex it is. For your opinion how much should I ask such kind of job? Best Regards Selami Please use link below to see 3D FBX file to see the file, hope you enjoy it. https://v.creators3d.com/index.html?load=%2Fviews%2Fproduction%2Fitem%2F20201222%2F6331376031150221%2F6331376031150221.glb&autorotate=true&json-data=1608605817591&decrypt=1&webp=1&gzip=true&tv=120&exp=1.62&hdr-intensity=0.9&hdr=18&hdr-blur=true
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