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  1. Hi Frends, I plan to serve segmentetation job professionally which I also finished web site about it. But i am not sure about prices of such of a job that I can do. You can see one of my segmentation work below, which I also work on it with 3d programs. I can do more than 3 such kind of job in a day which depends how complex it is. For your opinion how much should I ask such kind of job? Best Regards Selami Please use link below to see 3D FBX file to see the file, hope you enjoy it. https://v.creators3d.com/index.html?load=%2Fviews%2Fproduction%2Fitem%2F20201222%2F6331376031150221%2F6331376031150221.glb&autorotate=true&json-data=1608605817591&decrypt=1&webp=1&gzip=true&tv=120&exp=1.62&hdr-intensity=0.9&hdr=18&hdr-blur=true
  2. Selami

    Liver with c.v.

    Version 1.0.0


    Liver with c.v.


  3. Selami

    Siamese Babies

    Version 1.0.0


    Siamese Babies, including bones, kidneys, liver, lungs and as much as i can draw cardiac vascular.


  4. Selami

    Tumor Male13

    13 years old, may be that's why may be?. May be it depends you opened STL files, some programs rescale it to inch etc. Its not re-scaled
  5. Hi Fatma. Selam. I will send fbx format immedetaly. But first i need to kill technician still not fixed my laptop. Somehov i will send it even jail. Best regards. Selami
  6. www.mybro-med.com

  7. Version 1.0.0


    3d slicer foot bone segmentetation dataset. STL files exported as segmented. "foot-all.stl" file is merged of all stl files. 3d, model, .stl, bone, foot, Distal phalanx, Middle phalanx, Proximal phalanx, Distal interphalangeal joint, Proximal interphalangeal joint, Metatarsophalangeal joint, Sesamoids, Metatarsals, Tarsometatarsal joint (Lisfranc’s joint), Medial cuneiform, Middle cuneiform, Lateral cuneiform, Intertarsal joint, Base of the fifth metatarsal, Navicular, Cuboid, Talocalcaneonavicular joint, Transverse tarsal joint (Chopart’s joint), calcaneus, navicular, and cuboid, printable, lower, limb, foot, fibula, tibia, ankle,


  8. Version 1.0.0


    Liver shown semi transparent at preview which rendered an arhitectural visualition program. FBX file is good for 3d rotate model. liver, portal, artery, splenic, segments, vessels, suprahepatic, aorta, descendent, cava, inferior, right, left, lobule, main, 3d, printing, printable, organ, abdomen,


  9. Hi Luigi, Those scout type don't have 3d option in my datasets too. Though they have just 1 sice in mine. Cine option is available in your dataset, do you have more slices? Thanks
  10. Move mouse on "Download 3d Models" on homepage menu. Then click "Medical CT Scan Files" from menu appeared below. And choose one of the category of scan datasets. New page opened, choose scan dataset from here and download. Cheers
  11. Version 1.0.0


    3dslicer segmentation partial head including 3dslicer project. Bone segments added stl files skull, .stl, larynx, pharynx, nasal, cavity, bone, 3d, slicer, cervical, spine, .stl, 3d, model, printable, printing, medical, orbit, nasal, septum, mandible, maxilla, angle, ramus, body, atlas, axis, intervertebral, disc, transverse, spinous, process, incisor, molar, premolar, canine, teeth, tooth, dental, dentistry, upper, lower, maxillofacial, ear, conduct,


  12. Version 1.0.0


    .stl, 3d, model, printable, bone, oral cavity, pharyngeal, nasal, cavity, lower turbinates, hard, palate,


  13. Selami

    Brain Section

    Version 1.0.0


    modeled from MR dataset, frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital, lobes, .stl, 3d, model, printable, printing, thalamus, brainstem, corpus, callosum, diencephalon, mesencephalon, grey, matter, medulla,


  14. Version 1.0.0


    Covid19 infected lung, infected lung part shown semi-tranparent. Dataset downloaded below, which marked as case4 at site. http://covidctscans.org/ lung, .stl, 3d, model, printable, upper, lower, trachea, covid-19, coronavirus, organ, bronchi, lobes, medium, infection, medical, medicine, bronchi, pneumonia, trachea, cartilage,


  15. Version 1.0.0


    9F skeleton liver kidney spleen artery and vein stl files included. please check preview model below link https://v.creators3d.com/index.html?load=%2Fviews%2Fproduction%2Fitem%2F2020517%2F4408738187716163%2F4408738187716163.glb&autorotate=true&json-data=1589730536970&decrypt=1&webp=1&gzip=true&tv=112&exp=1.31&hdr-intensity=0.9&le-probe=0&hdr=19&hdr-blur=true&plane=0.1 .stl, 3d, model, printable, bone, lordosis, body, sacroiliac, joint, pubis, ischium, iliac, ribs, hip, neck, trochanter, spleen, liver, portal, vessels, aorta, branches, celiac, trunk, mesenteric, superior, inferior, renal, right, left, kidney, common, external, internal, arteries, medicine, medical, printing,


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