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2020 top trending articles about 3d printing in medicine

Angel Sosa


In 2020 we were in lockdown but this did not mean an obstacle for 3d printing technology to continue evolving. As we saw, many of the researchers focused their ingenuity, creativity and work to contribute in the fight against the Covid-19 and prevent transmission.


There was an important development in the area of surgery, dentistry, cardiovascular surgery and traumatology. Searching "3D printing" at Pubmed returned 3487 published articles.


1. Review on 3D printing: Fight against COVID-19

Oladapo, B. I., Ismail, S. O., Afolalu, T. D., Olawade, D. B., & Zahedi, M. (2020). Materials chemistry and physics, 258, 123943.



2. Fabrication of polylactic acid (PLA)-based porous scaffold through the combination of traditional bio-fabrication and 3D printing technology for bone regeneration

Zhou, X., Zhou, G., Junka, R., Chang, N., Anwar, A., Wang, H., & Yu, X. (2020). Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 197, 111420.



3. Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering Using Fibrous Biomaterials

Tan, G., Zhou, Y., & Sooriyaarachchi, D. In Wound Regeneration (pp. 31-40). Humana, New York, NY.



4. 3D Printed Fistula Plug: A Novel Bridge to Definitive Reconstruction

Macielak, R. J., Ziebarth, M. T., & Price, D. L. (2020). The Laryngoscope.



5. A Novel Three-Dimensional-Printed Ultrasound-Guided Hip Arthrocentesis Model

Chiem, A. T., Lister, J. P., Singh, M., Alegria‐Leal, E., Morales, J., Salibian, R., ... & Stark, E. (2020).  Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine, 40(1), 175-181.



6. An overview on 3D printing for abdominal surgery

Pietrabissa, A., Marconi, S., Negrello, E., Mauri, V., Peri, A., Pugliese, L., ... & Auricchio, F. (2019). Surgical endoscopy, 1-13.



7. 3D Printing Applications for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Levin, D., Mackensen, G. B., Reisman, M., McCabe, J. M., Dvir, D., & Ripley, B. (2020). Current Cardiology Reports, 22(4), 1-9.



8. A 3D printing replication technique for fabricating digital dentures

Takeda, Y., Lau, J., Nouh, H., & Hirayama, H. (2020). The Journal of prosthetic dentistry, 124(3), 251-256.



9. Quality Control in Medical 3D Printing

Weadock, W. J. (2020). Quality Control in Medical 3D Printing. Academic Radiology, 27(5), 661-662.


10. An update on applications of 3D printing technologies used for processing polymers used in implant dentistry

Revilla-León, M., Sadeghpour, M., & Özcan, M. (2019). . Odontology, 1-8.



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