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Embodi3d´s Top Contributors: Meet Petar Valchanov

Angel Sosa


Embodi3d´s Top Contributors: Meet Petar Valchanov



In this new monthly section you will meet our Top contributors.  They are the active members of embodi3D and have uploaded Top 3D models


This month we would like you to meet Asst. Prof. Petar Valchanov, MD, He is part of the Department of Anatomy and Cell biology at the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria


So let's get to know a little bit about Prof. Valchanov and his interest for 3D medical printing. 




1. What motivated you to work with 3D printing?


Currently, I'm working as a scientist, but I was a primary care physician for more than 12 years. The medical 3D modelling and 3D printing gives me the opportunity to be useful for the patients, but on much larger scale, and I don't have to do night shifts, medical exams and manipulations anymore.

2. Which 3D model do consider is your best contribution so far and why?


The nasal cavities, the aortas, the bone 3d models - they are very good in the demonstration of anatomical variations and let's face it - the anatomical variations are a real issue in the clinic and their better presentation changes the outcome for a lot of patients. But my most favorite contribution is the heart box - it´s just the perfect gift for a medical practitioner.



3. How is 3D printing useful for your daily work?


It gives me the ability to present all my ideas as physical object. Its much easier to get funding on my projects, when they are 3d printed as nice, shiny, informative 3d models.




4. What do you recommend to whom is starting in the 3D medical printing world?


First, find a good and useful workflow with software, which you can afford. Then, start with simple bone models, then aortas and finally - skulls. Print some souvenir models for your fellow doctors and several demo models of the structures, which you can model best.  At this time, you will be experienced enough to deal with everything and your colleagues will start to order models for them.








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    Angel Sosa

    A Radiologist who´s passionate about AI and imaging in any form. From x rays, ultrasound to CT, MR and 3d printing. Likes photography, music, and video games.





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