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Member Notifications 2019-12-14


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This is a general announcement for the website to all members regarding Member Notifications. 



Member notifications are the web notifications (the 'bell' icon) and email notifications that you receive for various actions on the website so you don't miss anything: a response to your discussion, a review on your file, when you're quoted or linked, etc.


Web Notifications.PNG  

You can click on Notification (the 'bell' icon) to view all recent notifications. 

You can also click on the link Notification Settings to adjust your personal preferences.  


The default user settings and methods for notifications have been significantly expanded to cover both email and web notifications, to help our members not miss out on any replies, conversations, or activities on the website.  You are welcome to always override the default preferences.  To do so,   

  1. Open the web notification (the 'bell' icon)
  2. Click on the link Notification Settings
  3. Adjust your Notification Settings as preferred.  Remember to scroll down to view all options.  


Please respond back to this announcement with any questions or contact @Allen.  



Scope: All Members


Date:  12-14-2019


Code: ACP - Members - Notifications

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