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What 3D printable models do you want available for free download in the File Vault?

Dr. Mike

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More selection of vascular models please, such as:
Abdominal aorta with branches and bifurcation
Common carotid with bifurcation and ECA branches (terminal IMAX branches for epistaxis embolization would be bonus)
Circle of Willis
Vertebrobasillar posterior circulation (could be part of Willis model)

Also an airway model from larynx through bifurcation of main stem bronchi to include entire length of trachea. Possibly a model of more distal bronchial segments (1st branches off right/left main stem bronchi) for flexible bronchoscopy.

Just a wish list;)

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I am not in the medical field.  I am a software engineer.  I am studying robotics that work like the body.  An entire female skeleton model is impossible to find unless you want to pay $3500 to Zygote.  As I am doing this solely as a hobby, I need to keep costs within a sensible range.


Better yet would be both the muscular system and skeletal system of the same person.  MIT has a great and inexpensive way to make fake muscles and it would be great to get the muscle functionality to look and behave as human as possible.




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I really need a cleaned up model of a heart with obvious Mitral Valve Prolapse

We are doing mega research (4 years so far and in the clinical stage as we speak) into MVP in a set breed of dogs (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) as 99% of them will have it by age 6 or 7 and it is the main cause of death in the breed

We have found a DNA link to the issue and are creating a full-blown foundation to support and advance the science as it is also totally relevant to humans in a different way as well.

We need a 3D model to use as sort of a poster child if you will of the issue

It will need to be a really obvious case of the leaves not closing 

I have searched the archives at our 38 hospitals Radio departments and none are nice enough to bother to print

If you come across a heart with a really good example of MVP post it please (or send it to me)


Dr. Dave

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