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    Spine full

    Fantastic file. I was able to load it in to Mesh Mixer, separate it in to faces and select each vertebrae one by one for printing. As stated in the review preceding this one, there were easy fixes in Mesh Mixer. This is just clicking on Analyze, inspect and auto fix. It takes less than 1 minute. My prints are coming out very nice. I plan to post them when I am finished. I very much appreciate the excellent model.
  2. I am not in the medical field. I am a software engineer. I am studying robotics that work like the body. An entire female skeleton model is impossible to find unless you want to pay $3500 to Zygote. As I am doing this solely as a hobby, I need to keep costs within a sensible range. Better yet would be both the muscular system and skeletal system of the same person. MIT has a great and inexpensive way to make fake muscles and it would be great to get the muscle functionality to look and behave as human as possible.
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