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    Shoot me an email I need to bounce something off you Dr Dave
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    NICE job Dr Mike Hey I stumbled on a 3D market niche that might be of interest shout at me on email Dr D
  3. Mike I really need a cleaned up model of a heart with obvious Mitral Valve Prolapse We are doing mega research (4 years so far and in the clinical stage as we speak) into MVP in a set breed of dogs (Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) as 99% of them will have it by age 6 or 7 and it is the main cause of death in the breed We have found a DNA link to the issue and are creating a full-blown foundation to support and advance the science as it is also totally relevant to humans in a different way as well. We need a 3D model to use as sort of a poster child if you will of the issue It will need to be a really obvious case of the leaves not closing I have searched the archives at our 38 hospitals Radio departments and none are nice enough to bother to print If you come across a heart with a really good example of MVP post it please (or send it to me) Thanks Dr. Dave
  4. Mike, we use college kids to run our 3d department they are engineering students or biology majors or sometimes graphic arts majors so they all know CAD design and anatomy but the rest is just winging it We have over 50 printers churning out 3d patient models 24/7 The containers are self-produced they are basically designed for dog food so they have a seal on the lid. The hygrometers are cheap and crappy on eBay or Amazon. The fittings to connect the PTFE tubing is on Thingiverse as well as the roller spool holders I think the later is called TUSH or something similar. You will need standard roller bearings the type used in fidget spinners 4 per spool again Amazon or eBay Each costs about $25 total and about 3 hours of printing time to print all the parts The commercial boxes like the one you suggested is a total rip off as are the dedicated filament driers We bought a REALLY high-end fruit jerky dryer in stainless for like $80 on eBay and it holds several rolls at a time Sorry I don't have actual links to send you to for the various files and or products but the one is here https://www.amazon.com/IRIS-Nesting-Airtight-Container-Large/dp/B007RBB6UI/ref=sr_1_5?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1526232975&sr=1-5&keywords=dog+food+storage That is the dog food container Get back to me if you can't find the rest I will get one of the kids to help us out here Dr. D
  5. Mike We use a food dehydrator for ALL of our filament We simply toss the rolls inside and turn it up to max which is significantly lower than the alteration point of all commercial filaments and then dry them for 12 hours and IMMEDIATELY remove them to a plastic container that has a series of spool rollers inside and outlets for the filament to exit. The containers have gaskets so no leaking The filament is never allowed to see the humidity of Florida it goes from dehydrator (or the new box) then into the container which has 2 pounds of rechargeable desiccant as well as a digital hygrometer inside it than thru PTFE tubing to the extruders of the dedicated printer next in line to be used. The added length of PTFE does add a BIT to the retraction issues of the printers but they do fine once adjusted The containers hold about 6 rolls of filament Hope this helps Dr. Dave