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Is it possible to convert DICOM data (a 2D X-ray) into a 3D model


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I’ve read cases where some doctors were able to do it, but I’m not sure which software to use aside from possibly Seg3D or ImageVis3D, which likely have a steep learning curve. My goal is to use X-rays of my pre-injured lumbar spine to create a 3D model to compare to that of my post-injured lumbar spine. I have a CT scan from after my accident, but not from before. 


If if anyone knows of a way to do this, or a software that is preferable, I would be immensely grateful for your input. Or is there any way I could reach out to a university or medical establishment and enlist their aid in doing so in exchange for an agreed upon fee?

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4 minutes ago, Selami said:

 Did you create those models using just 2-Dimensional X-rays as input? I've seen CT scans create 3D models, but I've never seen 2D X-rays converted into 3D models unless they happened to be taken with an EOS X-ray system, which mine unfortunately were not.

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I'm not sure you can create a 3D image with only 2D data. Without the third dimension, you are missing depth information. If you have numerous images, say 360 degrees around an object, then you can. In fact  that is how CT works. But from just one or two 2D plain films, no.

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