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How to get premium democratiz3D conversions for free

Dr. Mike

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A member recently messaged me a comment. I am posting the response here to help the general community:

"Regarding democratiz3D, I like that it's simple to use.  Being able to convert to even higher resolution STL files for free would be nice."


My response:

Do you know about our Ultra quality settings? If you set democratiz3D to use ultra quality, you will get an output STL with about 3 million polygons. That is super high resolution. Files of that resolution are difficult to even open on regular PCs because of the extreme detail. 


Ultra quality STLs take about an hour of server time to generate, and thus we cannot give them away for free. They are available with Premium subscriptions. However, you can still get them for free with our Pay or Share program. If you agree to share your STL with the community, we will pick up the tab for the conversion. It is free for you as our gift because you gave something to the community. 


Hope this helps!


Dr. Mike

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