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Finding files of cervical vertebrae

Dr. Mike

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A member recently asked me the following question. I am posting my answer here in the hope that it will help other members:



That's great work that you do here.

I can see you have provided C1 (atlas) as an individual model of the CT scan.

Is there any chance you could provide c1 to c7?

I am trying to find accurate 3d models from individual CT segmentations from C1 to C7 of the cervical spine,

so as to use it for my research


thank you very much


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In the Downloads portion of the website there is an entire section dedicated to spine and pelvis 3D models (link below). Currently there are more than 200 files in this section, so there is much to explore. 




Here is an example I found with just a few minutes of searching. 

Here is another


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