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Extract organ models?


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I am new to the forum and an absolute beginner at 3D printing, DICOM files and related areas. 


I am attempting to create a 3D model of organs on the pelvic region (womb, ovaries, etc) based on a DICOM file from the Visible Human Project.

So far, I have downloaded the EVE DICOM images from the University of Iowa and I've loaded them onto 3D slicer, and from then on uploaded them to embodi3d and managed to obtain a pelvis (I made several mistakes on that upload, but now i know how to create a piece from bone). 


My problem is that while bone extraction was relatively straightforward, and there are many accessible tutorials online, I can more or less manage muscle extraction, but not organ extraction. I am clueless as to how to adjust my images to get a clear image of the organs, or how to mask them or anything. I get a very granular picture with bits here and there, and I do not even know if the dataset allows for this sort of extraction or not. Even though the site says "MRI radiology", the datasets in question are described as CT scans.



Thank you very much for any information you can provide.

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