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Jaw and chin Implants


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Hi Guys, 

I'd like to ask your advice regarding a new project.


I wonder if you would be interested in designing a pair of Jaw implants?  I would love to hear your opinion as to how you think we could go about accomplishing this task.


I have two different CT scans DICOM files of the same skull. Both CT scans were taken on different dates. I have tried to create an STL file from each scan, but the small plate where the chin is placed when taking the scan is showing a bit on the final STL. The rendering needs to be cleaned up a bit. I tried democratiz3D, but the chin area came out with a lot of noise from the plate from the CT machine. 

I tried Slicer and OsiriX, but I wasn't as successful as another guy was with the same DICOM files.   I will attach the pictures with the name of each software used.  I will also show you the STL (screenshot) that a person from fiverr. com was able to produce for me. His STL rendering is very good and that's why I am confident that you guy can do something as good or better. Unfortunately and like it sometimes happens in those places, he went MIA.  


The second CT scan was taken after a pair of off-the-shelf implants were implanted on this jaw. I would like to be able to see these implants to have an idea for the new implants. The new custom implants that need to be designed are similar to the one on the picture attached. 


If you feel that this is an exciting project for you and if you believe that you have the know how, well then let me hire you. :)








Jaw implant Idea.png

from fiverr.png

from OsiriX.png

From Slicer.png

From Blenr.png

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Damy, are you actually going to surgically implant this device in a person, or is this an academic or modelling exercise? If this is intended for surgery, you cannot rely on people from fiverr for this type of work. Somebody's heath is at stake. I would contact 3D systems Medical Modeling or Materialise. They actually have experience with implants. Good luck.

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