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    Normally there are two main blood vessels leaving the heart: the aorta, carrying blood to the body, and the pulmonary artery that branches immediately to carry blood to each lung. Instead of having a separate pulmonary artery and aorta, each with its own three-leafed valves, a baby with truncus arteriosus has only one great blood vessel or trunk leaving the heart, which then branches into blood vessels that go to the lungs and the body. This great vessel usually has one large valve which may have between two and five leaflets. Usually this great vessel sits over both the left and right ventricle. The upper portion of the wall between these two chambers is missing, resulting in what is known as a ventricular septal defect (VSD). There are 3 separate files as well as a fourth STL file for 3D printing the whole model. The three part model has holes for magnets, which can be used to connect and separate the pieces. All the STL files have been zipped to conserve space. The model is provided for distribution on Embodi3D with the permission of the author, pediatric cardiologist Dr. Matthew Bramlet, MD, and is part of the Congenital Heart Defects library. We thank Dr. Bramlet and all others who are working to help children with congenital heart problems lead normal and happy lives. It is distributed by Dr. Bramlet under the Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs. Please respect the terms of the licensing agreement. A US quarter is shown for scale in the images below.


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    This 3D printable STL file and medical model of the lumbar spine was generated from real CT scan data and is thus anatomically accurate as it comes from a real person. It shows the detailed anatomy of the lumbar (lower back) spine, including the vertebral bodies, facets, neural foramina and spinous proceses. Download is free for registered members. This file was originally created by Dr. Bruno Gobbato, who has graciously given permission to share it here on Embodi3D. Modifications were made by Dr. Mike to make it suitable for 3D printing. The file(s) are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. It can't be used for commercial purposes. If you would like to use it for commercial purposes, please contact the authors. Technical specs: File format: STL Manifold mesh: Yes Triangles: 509136


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    Left Knee Joint 3D Printable STL File Converted From CT Scan - stl file processed The knee joint is formed by three bones: the femur, the tibia and the patella. the knee joint is the largest synovial joint and provides the flexion and extension movements of the leg as well as relative medial and lateral rotations while in relative flexion. The knee joint articulations are two condylar joints between the femur and the tibia as well as a joint between the patella and the femur. Although the fibula is closely related to the knee joint but it doesn't share in articulation. The knee joint is also formed by some ligaments and cartilage called (menisci) which are best imaged by MRI. This 3D model was created from the file STS_045. The source CT scan used to create this model can be found here.


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  5. This week we would like to share the most downloaded 3D models and resources from our site. These may be good resources for educational purposes as they demonstrate the detailed anatomy of the human body. We have a list of the top human heart STL files and another list of free human anatomy STL files. The 1st place is for Dr. Mike’s tutorial on how to create 3D printable bone models. 3D printing is an evolving technology that enables the creation of unique organic and inorganic structures with high precision. In medicine, this technology has demonstrated potential uses for both patient treatment and education as well as in clinical practice. Learning how to create 3D models and taking this technology as a great advantage for medical education and practice is important for all of us as physicians and this tutorial makes it easy to learn. The list also includes other great 3D models, like skull and heart. Let’s then take a look into this ten awesome models. Don’t forget to register in order to download the models, you can do it by clicking here. 1. 2.952 Downloads An improved tutorial that shows you how to create 3D printable bone models even more easily and for free on any operating system. Try it! https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/115-file-pack-for-3d-printing-with-osirix-tutorial/ 2. 913 Downloads 3D printable model of a human heart was generated from a contrast enhanced CT scan. https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/64-3d-printable-human-heart-model-with-stackable-slices/ 3. 893 Downloads 3D printable brain is from an MRI scan of a 24 year old human female. https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/30-human-brain-from-mri-scan/ 4. 714 Downloads This full-size skull with web-like texture was created from a real CT scan. https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/26-3d-printable-lace-skull-full-size/ 5. 648 Downloads 3D printable model of stroke. https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/6378-3d-printing-brain-model-with-stroke-stl-files-available-for-download/ 6. 609 Downloads Skull with web-like texture was created from a real CT scan. https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/25-3d-printable-lace-skull-half-size/ 7. 422 Downloads Anatomically accurate heart and pulmonary artery tree was extracted from a CT angiogram. https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/59-heart-and-pulmonary-artery-tree-from-ct-angiogram/ 8. 396 Downloads Tutorial: "3D Printing of Bones from CT Scans: A Tutorial on Quickly Correcting Extensive Mesh Errors using Blender and MeshMixer” https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/89-tutorial-file-pack/ 9. 392 Downloads Tutorial A Ridiculously Easily Way to Convert CT Scans to 3D Printable Bone STL Models for Free in Minutes https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/6441-imag3d-tutorial-support-files-dicom-and-nrrd/ 10. 373 Downloads Bony anatomy and skin surface of the L and R feet. https://www.embodi3d.com/files/file/52-feet-from-ct-scan/ References 1. Colaco, M., Igel, D. A., & Atala, A. (2018). The potential of 3D printing in urological research and patient care. Nature Reviews Urology.
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    Thoracic vertebrae compose the middle portion of the vertebral column. They are 12 in number and their size is intermediate between the cervical and the lumbar spine. They increase gradually in size as we go down the vertebral column. They are characterized by the presence of facets for articulation with the corresponding ribs and they are of limited flexibility compared to the cervical and the lumbar regions, they also have thinner intervetebral discs and a narrower spinal canal. This is a 3D printable medical file converted from a CT scan DICOM dataset


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    The sternum is a long flat bone situated in the center of the chest. It has the shape of a necktie and it is connected to the adjacent rib via cartilage forming the anterior portion of the rib cage, it protects the heart, lungs, and mediastinal structures. The sternum gives origin and insertion sites for some of the critical upper limb muscles. It's formed of 3 parts : The manubrium , The body, and the xiphoid process. The manubrium is the flat upper part, the body is longest middle part, and the xiphoid is located at the inferior end. This is a 3D printable medical file converted form a CT scan DICOM dataset.


  8. This week we want to share with the embodi3D community the seven most downloaded models from the dental, orthodontic and maxillofacial category. Uses of 3D printing include the production of drill guides for dental implants, the production of physical models for prosthodontics, orthodontics and surgery, as well as the manufacture of dental, craniomaxillofacial and orthopaedic implants, and the fabrication of copings and frameworks for implant and dental restorations. The most downloaded file is an STL model of a woman's mandible. This model was 3D printed by an embodi3D member with excellent results. Be sure to click through and check out this STL file and images of the resulting 3D dental print. The list also includes other great 3D dental models. You might be interested in our list of top 10 human heart STL files or our list of free human anatomy STL files including brain, heart, mandible and spine. We also have a list of the ten most downloaded 3D printable STL files on embodi3d.com. Don’t forget to register and download the STL files so you can 3D print the models yourself. Please reply to this post with which model you like best. 1. An excellent 3D model of a woman's mandible with great detail. 2. This model was created from a conebeam CT and segmented on itk-snap. 3. A highly detailed dental scan shows the bony anatomy of the maxilla, mandible and facial structures in great detail. 4. 3D model of the mandibula with details of the teeth 5. A 3d model of the mandible for implant study. 6. Digital model of the orbit with the frontal bone shown. 7. A beautiful STL file 3D model of parasymphyseal and subcondylar mandibular fractures. Please reply to this post with which model you like best or if you know of a good file which should be included post it here. References 1. Dawood, A., Marti, B. M., Sauret-Jackson, V., & Darwood, A. (2015). 3D printing in dentistry. British dental journal, 219(11), 521.
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    From the album: Democratiz3D User Manual

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    From the album: Democratiz3D User Manual

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    From the album: Democratiz3D User Manual

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    From the album: Democratiz3D User Manual

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    From the album: Democratiz3D User Manual

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    From the album: Democratiz3D User Manual

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    From the album: Democratiz3D User Manual

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    This 3D model represents a case of low grade mixoid liposarcoma. A cross sectional CT image is attached showing the lesion in axial, coronal and sagittal planes. This 3D model was created from the file STS_044. A model created from this file can be found here.


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    Right Hip Joint 3D Printable STL File Converted From CT Scan This 3D model was created from the file STS_044. A 3D printable STL file model created from this scan can be found here.


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    Left Hip Joint 3D Printable STL File Converted From CT Scan This 3D model was created from the file STS_044. A 3D printable STL file model created from this scan can be found here.