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  1. Leesajohnson

    Best CAD software for anatomical modeling

    design and structure of any modal. There are also available other software work just like it. Analysis them for better work. --------------------------------------(Tutor)
  2. Leesajohnson

    Jaw and chin Implants

    You are working on the jaw implant process, that's a good thing. You do skilled work for it.
  3. Thank you for a post. It will help you in learning about medical 3D printing.
  4. Leesajohnson

    MBot Grid II+ Desktop 3D Printer

    It is good to know about MBot GridII 3D printer. Always share new hardware updates with us.
  5. Leesajohnson

    Software used in anthropology 3D printing

    To create and print 3D models you need 4 types of software: Defining and Finding the Object (Online Communities o Components libraries) 3D modeling (CAD software) Slicing (CAM software) 3D Printing (Client Software)
  6. There are many free and paid video recording tools available online but "Camtasia" might be a perfect paid tool for users.