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3d printing and COVID-19 UPDATE!

Angel Sosa


In recent weeks we have seen that the spread of the Coronavirus has increased. However, on the good note, we have also seen an increasing number of people willing to help. Thousands of people from around the world who have 3d printers have share their contact information, creating a large database, offering their knowledge in 3d technology (mostly non-profit) to help in this fight against coronavirus.


In Spain, for example, thanks to the biomedical3d company, some hospitals such as the University Hospital of Virgen del Rocio and Hospital Puerta del Mar, have been testing the 3D printed hands-free door openers that help in preventing the transmission of the covid19 as the staff don’t need to touch the doors to open them.






Other organizations such as Ayudame3D, have printed face shields. Currently, each Ayudame3D volunteer has the ability to create one every 3/4 hours. They are part of a group called "Coronavirus makers", a group of people from different fields (medicine, biotechnology, 3D printing, industrial design, among others) that decided to share their knowledge and experience in a Telegram group and at their website to co-create artificial respirators and other solutions by using 3D technology.


Since the onset of the COVID19 crisis, Coronavirus Makers volunteers have delivered more than 350,000 face shields using more than 9 tons of material. Isn't that amazing?


Another Spanish company that is joining these initiatives is Leitat Technological Center. They have used 3D printing to make an emergency ventilator, costing less than EUR 500. It's in testing now. Their goal is to share the files for free, so the 3D printing community around the world can contribute to saving lives.




There is now a large network of 3D printing against coronavirus in Spain, which currently has more than 1,000 printers and more than 300 professionals, and they are still looking for more volunteers to join the initiative. Those with a 3D printer and interested in join this team can register at 3dcovid19.tech.

Files availables 

Take a look at some of the files that are available now and that can help protect you from COVID-19.


Respirator Adapter for Decathlon Mask – These files allow you to convert a recreational mask into a respirator.


Hands-Free Door Openers – These can go a long way in reducing the spread of infection in businesses and offices that must remain open. They can fit on a variety of doors and allow users to open doors with their forearm rather than their hand. Bonus: Leave them on after the crisis and people can open doors while carrying coffee and documents.


‘Savegrabber’ Door Opener – While the previous door opener mounts to the door handle, this one is portable and can be used on most lever door handles.


Reusable Filter Mask – This simple mask allows users to change the filter material out regularly and it works with HEPA filters, coffee filters, and paper towels.


Face Shield – This was designed by Canadian ER worker Dr. Tarek Loubani. All that’s needed is some elastic strap and Mylar sheet.

Those with more complex materials and equipment available can take a look at the most complex files designed by the Isinnova team: 

The Venturi valve – The original that started it all.


Protective face shields by prusa3d in Czech republic.




There are more organizations that have recruited volunteers to join forces and fight COVID-19. Fathom is working to design printable nasopharyngeal swabs for COVID-19 test kits as well as ventilators.


You can also be part of the CoVent-19 Challenge. It was founded by residents at Massachusetts General Hospital as “An Open Innovation Effort to Design a Rapidly Deployable Mechanical Ventilator” using additive manufacturing. Participants will be allowed to submit multiple designs during Round 1, and participants may choose to submit full system designs and/or modules/parts for other teams to integrate into their design.


Do you know any other initiative? leave us your comments!



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