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They’re making 300 face shields using 3D printers to help fighting against COVID-19

Angel Sosa


LIVERPOOL, N.Y. - A couple of entrepreneurs Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe are making 300 face shields to help help workers at a coronavirus testing site in Syracuse County. They make and sell 3D printers in their house by the name of Budmen Industries.


Last Saturday they produced 50 shields using seven 3D printers, they are now using 16 printers to produce 250 before the end of this week.

"It just sort of felt right to us to do what we could to help the situation," Budmen said.


They started their business in 2017, they spent most of Sunday trying to translate their idea that the protective shields were easy and comfortable to use. Since then they have not stopped producing the shields requested by the county.


This is an example of solidarity in these times of crisis due to the pandemic. The couple has not set a price for the prints and they have focused on producing them to help their community. This is how Budmen put it "I just said we'll get it done," “We're really not looking to make money off the county in this crisis.


Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon gave the couple a big shout-out during his daily update on the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday.


Budmen said he and Keefe got to work designing the shields as soon as soon as they heard the county was planning to open a site in the city where people could go to be tested for the coronavirus. They figured the county would need face shields for the safety for workers performing the tests, he said. However, the county has agreed to pay for the shields for what is estimated to be an approximate price of $ 8 for the expenses for the materials used.


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1. Budmen Industries. https://budmen.com/


2. CNY couple, using 3D printers, makes 100s of face shields for coronavirus clinic.  https://www.syracuse.com/coronavirus/2020/03/cny-couple-using-3d-printers-makes-100s-of-face-shields-for-coronavirus-testing-clinic.html



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