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Small bones being excluded

Dr. Mike

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A user recently asked me this question. I am posting the response here so others can benefit from the answer:

"However, I have a question:

Please note that the images do not show the hyoid bone (this horse-shoe shaped bone should be visible just under the jaw/withing the jaw bone) and no parts of thyroid catrilage are visible either.   Would you be able to let me know if it is possible to show those.please."

Answer: democratiz3D will remove small bones automatically from models. This prevents small calcifications, particularly vascular calcifications, from being erroneously included in the model. If a desired structure is being accidentally removed, you can increase the model quality (High/Ultra) or decrease the threshold level and the missing part will be more likely to be included. It may take some trial and error to achieve the perfect result.


Hope this helps,


Dr. Mike

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