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Converting an NRRD to STL

Dr. Mike

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A member asked us the following question:

"I uploaded a NRRD file and was hoping to be able to download it as an STL - any advice?"


You can use our democratiz3D service to automatically convert an NRRD into a 3D printable bone STL model. You can find more about democratiz3D here. There are many tutorials available here.  Hope this helps.

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On 3/17/2021 at 10:00 AM, Araz JABBARLI said:

hello everyone,


I converted to the stl file but I cannot download it because every time I click to the download this file it directs to the homepage. Could you please guide me on this issue.



This proved tricky for me as well.   If you scroll down on the page that you get redirected to (it *does* look like a homepage), you'll find a button which allows you to actually download the file. 

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