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Problem of models sizes

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I want to ask if anybody has had the following problem.


To print my models I extract the DICOM files using the ROI segmentation tool of Horos, once I have the STL model I clean it using Meshmixer and finally I prepare it with simplify3D. I have noticed that when I do the PLA models of orthopedics fractures some of them appear (their really are) smaller or bigger than the DIcom files. And when the surgeon uses it before the real surgery some of the materials measured before are useless because there are to big (the use a smaller nail)


I don't know if anybody has had the same problem


Thank you very much for a such a useful website



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Hello Dr. Mike


We believe we know now what's the problem. Because we use the models for fractures and sometimes its difficult to diferentiate the different segments with the ROI tool in Horos (and also in Osirix) it puts all in one piece. Cleaning with Meshmixer and printing it with Simplify the model obtained can be different (size) if the surgeon wants to put a nail inside. You can find missmaching with the ones "operated" in the model and the ones in the real patient.


What do you think about???.


Any tip to improve the Horos or Osirix ROI tool??


Thank you again


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