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Nice review and welcome to the joys of desktop FDM printers;)


I'm a bit surprised they don't use a PEI coating on the glass bed, I have found it to help with bed adhesion.  Another thing to try is using some PVA dissolved in water (fairly saturated) to coat the bed then heating the bed to leave a 'skin' for printing onto.  I'm pretty sure the glue stick is basically PVA.  Also a wider and thicker first layer will help with bed adhesion this can be adjusted in CURA's advanced print settings.


For the clogged nozzle I have recently started doing 'cold' pulls (really warm pulls) with some old nylon I have heating it to ~240C then letting it cool to ~130C and pulling.  I do a steady pull instead of jerking and hold the frame near the hot end so as to not put force on the entire machine.  I kind of cringed when I saw how hard you pulled.  I have been surprised to see just how much black junk was in some of my nozzles.


The successful prints do look good, I think they have a better formulation of PVA than I currently use, unfortunately they use 3mm filament and I am all 1.75mm.

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