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A foot from healthy patient in non weight bearing


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Dear Dr. Mike.

Frist of all thank you for running this useful website.
I am a 3rd yr Podiatry student with the visual background. I have already made a foot based on several X-ray images and my knowledge in the blender. 
However, to make a realistic 3d object, I need a CT scan data of a healthy (man or woman) with at least 23 years old.
I just want to see how the real angulation of the foot in the neutral and supination and pronation in the non-weight bearing. 
I know about all the variation of the talus and calcaneus and I am trying to make that one which exists in the majority.

Thank you for your help.



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It seems you're in luck I have a few scans from max inversion, internal rotation and plantar flexion to max eversion, external rotation and dorsiflexion... part of my masters thesis actually.  They are MRI's so creating 3D models is not as easy as with CT scans.


Visually the foot model you made looks good considering it came from 2D images.


BTW the terms pronation and supination are better used for upper extremity than feet, the group I worked at which studies foot biomechanics doesn't use them as they are not well defined for lower extremities.






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