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How to connect only vertices on the surface

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I am a medical student working on a 3D-printable model of the liver, with arteries and portal venous phases separately modeled as well. I used 3D slicer and Meshmixer to generate the model, but my threshold segmentation of the liver resulted in a very "porous" model. I was wondering how to connect only the vertices on the "boundary" or "surface" of the liver, so my model is not as porous. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Please see this video:


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Yikes. I would try uploading your scan as an NRRD file to the democratiz3d service, https://www.embodi3d.com/democratiz3D/


It should produce a smooth output mesh. You may have to fiddle with the threshold value a bit to get the outcome you want, but it should not be too hard. You can repeat this for your portal venous and arterial phases, and then combine the models into a single one using boolean operations in either blender or meshmixer.


Hope this helps


Dr. Mike

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