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Does anyone know how to correct "stretched" sagittal and coronal planes in 3D Slicer? The axial plane is normal. According to the Slicer wiki, i think that using the Orient Scalar Volume may solve this but within the Converters module there is only BSpline to deformation field. There is a parameter set for Create new command line, but that's a bit beyond my skillset. I'll attach a screenshot and if anyone has an easy way to solve this i'd love to hear it. If there's a hard way to solve it i'd love to hear it too but feel free to explain like i'm 5. 


Slicer wiki page: https://www.slicer.org/wiki/Documentation/4.0/Modules/OrientScalarVolume


Currently using Slicer 4.5.0-1


Thanks in advance!



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This is an all too common issue, some software uses 'slice thickness' when 'slice spacing' is a much better option.  Thickness can be larger than spacing when slices overlap or spacing can be more than thickness when there are gaps in the data (an unfortunate situation).  Consecutive 'ImagePatientPosition' values is typically a good measure as well.  I have come across data with incorrect values before, probably a result a mistake during image reformatting.  Calculating the change between two consecutive 'ImagePatientPosition' values and checking it against slice spacing is a good check as sometimes the error is not as visible as your example.

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