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new here 3d print for dental implants


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Hello I'm new here, im dentist from mexico, i've been trying to follow your tutorials Dr Mike but i got lost, I used the loose parts function on blender but still have many mistakes and the cbct scan it's not the best back in that time the only machine we had wasn't the best, now we have a kodak c9300 and better quality images.


I still have problems the patient has no metal on mandible but still produces me a lot of noise, and can't delete that part from the mesh, any ideas?







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Delete the bone islands in Edit mode. 


See the video in my tutorial. I talk about how to do this at 15:10. Enter edit mode, select any random vertex in your model, hit CTRL-L, inverse the selection with CTRL-I, delete vertices X key, then delete vertices V key.


You may also want to run a smoothing algorithm on your model. Enter object mode, then choose a Smooth modifier from the Add Modifier. See 23:10 in the video in the tutorial. Hope this helps.


Dr. Mike

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