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Embodi3d´s Top 20 downloaded of 2019!

Angel Sosa






This has been an amazing year for us at Embodi3d and we'd like to share with you the best 3d medical printing models of 2019




1. A great brain 3d model, the first place! uploaded by Osamanyuad.


This example shows the cortex which is a thin layer of the brain that covers the outer portion (1.5mm to 5mm) of the cerebrum.





2.  A heart 3D printed model uploaded by Tropmal.


It shows the coronary arteries that supply oxygenated blood to the heart muscle, excellent for educational purposes.





3. Portal vessels anatomy uploaded by Platypus1221.

The portal vein or hepatic portal vein is a blood vessel that carries blood from the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, pancreas and spleen to the liver. 





4. A Dental Cone-beam Computed Tomography in an adult orthodontic patient uploaded by R Thomas.

The cbct is an advanced imaging modality that has high clinical applications in the field of dentistry.





5. A kidney 3D .STL file uploaded by Shahriar 


The kidneys are a pair of organs found along the posterior muscular wall of the abdominal cavity. The left kidney is located slightly more superior than the right kidney due to the larger size of the liver on the right side of the body. This is an excellent example in .stl format.





6. 3D Printable Human Heart Model with stackable slices, short axis view uploaded by Dr. Mike.


This 3D printable model of a normal human heart was generated from an ECG-gated contrast enhanced coronary CT scan.  The slices are cut to illustrate the echocardiographic short-axis view. If you are interested in a 3D printable heart that shows slices in the anatomical transverse plane, 





7. A bony hand in a .STL file processed uploaded by MABC


The wrist has eight small bones called the carpal bones, or the carpus. These join the hand to the two long bones in the forearm (radius and ulna). The carpal bones are small square, oval, and triangular bones. The cluster of carpal bones in the wrist make it both strong and flexible. This incredible 3D medical printing model shows all the bones and joints for learning purposes!





8. 3D Prenatal Ultrasound uploaded by kevinvandeusen


The 3D ultrasound images provide greater detail for prenatal diagnosis than the older 2D ultrasound technology.





9. A bony knee in a .STL file processed uploaded by Yousef97


In this example we can evaluate the knee joint in three parts: The thigh bone (the femur) meets the large shin bone (the tibia) to form the main knee joint. This joint has an inner (medial) and an outer (lateral) compartment. The kneecap (the patella) joins the femur to form a third joint, called the patellofemoral joint.





10. A lower extremity CT scan of a femoral fracture uploaded by Yondonjunai

The femur is the largest bone in the body, and consequently it is often thought that high energy mechanisms are required to produce a femur fracture. You can see an example here:





11. An skull fracture example uploaded by Raspirate

This example shows a fracture skull. The skull is a bony structure that supports the face and forms a protective cavity for the brain. 





12. A CT chest scan with contrast upload by Nikluz


This example shows the vascular structures and thorax muscles.






13. 3D-Print a Left Knee Joint Model with this Excellent STL Upload (Converted from CT Scan) by Niels96


A 3D model of left knee, we can see that  is formed by three bones: the femur, the tibia and the patella. the knee joint is the largest synovial joint and provides the flexion and extension movements of the leg as well as relative medial and lateral rotations while in relative flexion.





14. A Huge thoraco-abdominal aneurysm (preoperative model) by Valchanov

This is a difusse dilatation of aorta with a high risk for rupture. Most of the patients are asymptomatics and accidentally discovered on routine chest radiography.





15. A stl file showing the elbow´s bones by Pekka

The elbow is a hinged joint made up of three bones, the humerus, ulna, and radius. The ends of the bones are covered with cartilage.






16. A CT scan of Left Knee Joint Model by Niels96


Computed tomography scan (CT or CAT scan) is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging procedure that uses a combination of special X-ray equipment and sophisticated computer technology to produce cross-sectional images (often called slices), both horizontally and vertically, of the body. In this example we can evaluate the knee with detail.






17. A 3d model of a polytrauma pelvis in a .STL file by Narkos.


This patient suffer a polytrauma right hemipelvis with fracture S1-S2 and fracture of the ischiopubial branch.






18. A full body CT scan by davidmorris80@oulook.com


A whole body scanner images without injection with window function that allows the study of the soft tissues, including lymph node structures, mediastinum and abdomen. 





19. A .STL file of a left temporal bone ready for 3d printing by Nicola Di Giuseppe.

This shows the mastoid, malleus, incus, the bony canal of the facial nerve and the stylomastoid foramen excellent for learning purposes. 





20. An Anatomical heart box 3d model by valchanov

This was valchanov´s best selling model for 2019!





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