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Replacement service to create 3d printable files from DICOM cbct?


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I need to print a 3d model of my face bone (maxilla including eye sockets, mandible) to discuss with a surgeon and orthodontist about asymmetry. I found a couple of guides to do this using  but I am not adept with the software nor can I get the models clean enough to print. I have the .NRRD file and can manipulate it in slicer. But I can't get it cleaned up to where it shows bone/dental only on the lower part, and it still shows all of the cheekbones and eye sockets. 


Anyone skilled enough to do this or could you recommend a service while processing is down on this site? I'm on a short timeline.

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On 9/16/2022 at 5:16 AM, Terrie S said:

I can do this for you or help you to clean up what you made in 3D Slicer. There is a scissors tool in the Segment Editor that will let you crop a box or freeform shape around what you want or don't want if that would be helpful. You can DM me.

Hi Terrie, I sent a PM

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