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We are enthusiast engaged in 3-D modeling.
After revealing the lower jaw and mandibular nerve from the skull, we plan to do 3D modeling.
The program we use is InVesalius 3.1.
Can you share your experiences with us? Especially, we want to expose the mandibular nerve. Any video or tutorials. 
Thanks in advance

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I don't have any experience with InVesalius, but you could segment it with 3D Slicer. CT scan of the mandible shows mandibular nerve canal really good, up to mental foramina, but visualization of the nerve is poor. You could do fusion of the CT and MR of the same patient lower jaw if you insist of showing nerve itself, or perform segmentation using MR images, but then bone visualization could be pretty hard, and spatial resolution is often low (depending scanning sequences being used).

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