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Generating layered full human body 3d model from full body CT


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Hello. Making skeleton model from full body CT is easy. But is it possible to create muscle and inner organs layers? I don't need too much details on them, general forms. Example of such CT is this:

 I think that hardest will be the intestines area. Maybe even impossible. You can't really see for example kidneys or pancreas. What instruments can you advice? Can full body CT have greater details? Maybe it's not really possible to do from full body CT and better have CTs of each zone? I want to hear professional opinion on this project.

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It could be good if you have postcontrast CT study, then you'll have good contrast between tissues. If you want to have nice results, you should do manual segmentation of the muscles.

Intestines are pain in the ass to segment (maybe try to find fat patient that had oral contrast ingested before study).

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