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Our company is starting a METAL 3D printing facility in Pune, INDIA. we are building a world class facility as per ISO 13485 and FDA . we have begun the process of getting these certifications too. we are looking to working with biomedical engineers, medical device engineers, doctors, service providers,hospitals and all 3d companies. we could also be a back end facility for biomedical designers, anatomical model mfg , plastic 3d printers, service providers, medical device distributors etc  as they could bring their metal 3d requirement to us.  however we would be up and ready in the next 2/ 3 months.

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6 hours ago, Dr. Mike said:

Very interesting. Could you post some photographs and other information about your facility in this thread. Maybe also some examples of your work?

as said our facility would be ready by the end of april. our machines have arrived. would post some pics surely then. 

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